Thursday, January 29, 2004
Mr. CTRL-ALT-DEL Retiring from IBM
'CtrlAltDelete' Inventor Restarts Career.
David Bradley spent five minutes writing the computer code that has bailed out the world's PC users for decades.

The result was one of the most well-known key combinations around: CtrlAltDelete. It forces obstinate computers to restart when they will no longer follow other commands.

Bradley, 55, is getting a new start of his own. He's retiring Friday after 28 1/2 years with IBM.

Remember: You don't press the keys all at one, you have to think of the forst two as [ SHIFT ] keys.

First press [ CTRL ], then [ ALT ], while still holding down the [ SHIFT ] key, and then finally, press [ DEL ].

No wait!

Not now.

Just use that simple three key operation to restart your computer when it gets hung up.

If that doesn't work, turn the power on and off.
via [ Lost Remote ]

Sunday, January 25, 2004
Mr. Monk
Nice review of the most recent episode of Monk on
There was also Monk , which debuted last week. Adrian Monk is a neurotic, obsessive compulsive detective. This time around his brother was introduced for the first time.

The real clincher to a great episode, though, is when Ambrose Monk does not leave his house even as it is burning. Adrian gets there in time and runs in to save his brother. Not easy for a man who has to have his hands wiped after shaking hands.

For long-time watchers of the show it says something else, as well.

Another running plot thread is Monk's attempt to show that he can be a police detective again, instead of a police consultant. In previous episodes his former boss, though awed at his inductive talents, has testified against him in status hearings.

Here we are shown what has been his drawback all along can be overcome. He can be relied on to save a life.

Saturday, January 24, 2004
Wire Snake
Have you heard of a wire snake? It is a rubber casing that can bundle up to 8 wires. That would be good for my computer back home.

Monday, January 19, 2004
Yesterday went shopping in one of my favorite discount stores. While there it started to rain cats and dogs. What to do? I have been wanted to buy a new umberalla for some time. This was the time to do it. Got just what I like, a zebra motif!

It was about 3:00 and I was feeling like a cup of coffee but even with an umberalla it was pouring out. Looked around and saw a bakery in the mall . Was hoping it would be selling coffee there so I scooted over and found that it had a coffee machine. Great! But what about a piece of pastry. Well, they had all kinds of samples to taste. Was I in luck. For 75 cents I not only had coffee but I had some sponge cake, marble cake and mundel brot. It was so good that on my way out I did buy some mundel brot. My kids love it so now that I have it, they can come down any time now.

Sunday, January 11, 2004
Lucky Me
Posting this from sunny Florida. My family and friends are up North freezing their tooties off.

Not only do I have good weather but the shows at my complex have been outstanding. For example tonight I saw Mike Burstyn. Have seen him perform here before but still find him TERRIFIC. He comes from a family of Yiddish show people and has been in the business for 50 years. Looks great, sings and tells the best jokes, some of which I have heard before but I still find them very funny. Price of a ticket was $8.00, if you saw him on Broadway would cost an arm and a leg.

Next week going to see Hal Linden who puts on a great show.

Lucky me!

Saturday, January 10, 2004
A yarmulke is the skullcap worn by practicing Jewish men to show their reverence to God.

A bra is the breast-holding undergarment worn by women to stave off excess jigglage and saggage.

A yarmulkebra is a bra made of two yarmulkes.
Ha Ha.
via [ The Presurfer ]

Wednesday, January 07, 2004
Leaving AOL
Went to the computer club meeting at Kings Point. About 50 people attended. A lot of it was over my head. I understood a little. They spoke about how great Google is and it would be a good stock to own. Also said that AOL got greedy. Spoke about a lot of plans that cost less.

I called AOL today and told them That I wanted to change service. They told me about many plans and then finally told me about Netscape. $9.95 per month, unlimited and the next two months free.

They told me to call Netscape, I think they said Feb. and then it all sounded Greek to me.

The person I spoke yo sounded like she came from Mars!

I'll problably will have a problem when the time comes.

Such is life, nothing is easy.

Friday, January 02, 2004
Stopping The Spray
Have an attachment on my kitchen sink which when you put it on, it sprayed me, my clothes and the sink. When landlady came over she could not remove the spray, hard as she tried.

Went to the flea market today and I saw they were selling that attachment, asked clerk how to stop the spray. She showed me and I went home and got it to stop spraying. Very easy when you know how.

Yesterday went to Walmart and bought a plant for the porch. Did not want to pay to much. Got a pot of white mums for 50 cents! Now, lets see how long it lives!


Thursday, January 01, 2004
Hello From Florida
Happy New Year to all. I went out to dinner and then to a movie. I thought the restaurant would be crowded and we would have a long wait. Surprise, we got seated right away. I had Romanian steak with smothered onions.

I picked up the movie tickets in the afternoon for the 9:00 show and would you believe it, the cashier was keeping a running total so he would not sell to many tickets. I overheard people say that they had purchased the tickets the day before!.. The movie was sold out. We saw "Something's Gotta Give". I told the girls I would not mind seeing it again. That doctor sure is cute. Keanu Reeves.

There was scene were the two people are in the same house and are communicating via the computer. I got a kick out of that.

The weather has been balmy, That is it for now.

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