Thursday, April 29, 2004
Hello iBook!

Pretty soon my mom will be blogging from an iBook.

Friday, April 16, 2004
She's Back!
Picked my mom up at the airport and went to The Tides in Nahant for a late lunch.

The Tides is a restaurant that's at the entrance to Nahant. It's been there forever. It was The Dosckside for a while, but two years ago, the manager bought it from The Dockside guys and turned it back into The Tides.

It was the first time my mom had been to the beach this year!

You'd think that if you had spent the winter in Florida you'd have been able to get to a beach, but my mom was too busy doing Florida things like finding early bird dinners in storefront restaurants.

I had a Widmer Hefeweizen, which the waitress couldn't pronounce and when delivered, was totally opaque. It was so cloudy I thought a storm was brewing in my glass. On the Widmer web site they say:
A golden unfiltered wheat beer that is truly cloudy and clearly superb.
Ha ha. A play on words.

Monday, April 12, 2004
Next Time Maybe You'll Be On The Cover?

I'm featured in Time Magazine, in the article, See Me, Blog Me:
Boston-based music-video producer Steve Garfield, 46, is no ordinary blogger. Instead of simply posting his thoughts online in a chatty weblog like millions of others around the world, he links a Canon GL2 digital video camera to his laptop and uploads short clips of protest rallies, traffic short-cuts and even news events onto his personal Internet site.

Garfield belongs to a small but growing legion of video bloggers, or vloggers, who are turning the Web into a medium in which someday anyone could conceivably mount original programming, bypassing the usual broadcast networks and cable outlets. "My last entry was a news story about a local ice rescue, and this July I'm going to cover the Democratic Convention," says Garfield, who posts one or two new clips every month. "With cheaper digital cameras and cell phones that can also shoot video, more and more regular people like me will start becoming citizen-journalists."
My mom is proud and wants to know if next time I could be on the cover!

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