Tuesday, February 27, 2007
For the past eighteen years I have been a snowbird. I have seen many changes in the neighborhood, new stores, new restaurants, new roads, a great many new developments, and of course changes in the population.

When I first came down I was sixty three and my husband was sixty eight. At that time we were "the young ones." The permanent residents who bought when the development was new were in their seventies. We met couples about our age and life was good.

In a recent newsletter put out by my development, "Kings Point", the social director had an article titled "Take A Chance." I want to quote part of her message here:
"In trying to please our resident base which runs from 55 to 95 (and above) , it is sometimes difficult to find a proper balance that will please most. And, as time does march on for us all some of the entertainers you have come to expect in the theater have either passed on, retired, or, to be kind should retire. In listening to our residents, what had to be taken into account was that tastes have changed and more variety was desired."
The title of the piece was, "Take A Chance." I like to try new things but when I hear it's going to be music from the 50's and the 60's, count me out.

As a result of the changes in the type of entertainment being presented the attendance in the theater has fallen off. The prices of the tickets have gone up and "who wants to go to a show that is featuring "rock and roll?" Not me!!

Another reason the attendance is off, there are still many unoccupied condos due to the damage suffered from the hurricane last season.

Because tickets are not selling well, Kings Point has changed their policy - now, after the residents pick up their tickets, the box office is open to the general public!

There are still enough of us elders who do not appreciate that type of music. Probably, in a few more years the population will change again and they will appreciate that type of entertainment.

Reading that article made me more aware then ever, time does not stand still and the one thing you can count on is change.

Millie, you grew up before that era, while I came to my teenage and young adulthood in the 50's and 60's. I love early rock and roll, so I'd be sure to see those shows. But maybe they will see the light and start offering programs that are more to your liking. I hope so.
Well, since you have a really busy schedule, from what you've said in previous blogs, this gives you an opportunity to sit at home and blog! ;)
Yes, times, they are a-changing, that's for sure.
One of my friends who's much younger than me and is still teaching has a class blog with her students. They exchanged their likes and dislikes about music and she made me laugh so much, because she wrote on the blog about her music tastes and said that she didn't dare to link to some of the bands she liked because she thought the guys frome the eighties looked so out of fashion that it would make her students giggle...
Being 72 I find my taste in music runs the gamut. I love the big band, rock and roll, and even some of today's offering. I must admit that rap is not among that category. Hope things get better for your entertainment choices.
Change is what life is all about, but we don't have to like it.
I will say, I'm surprised though that you don't care for the 50's/60's music. I guess you just seem so "young" to me....lol
I don't like the loud, pounding, stuff at all....but some great music came out of the 60's. I still love it, as it brings back great memories of my teen years.
In my 2/27 blog post, I complained about how hard it is for us young mothers to open toy packages due to hyper wiring and unreasonably thick plastic that not even the sharpest of scissors can open. I joked about having to use a machete. A retired friend of mine told me about your blog and how you post photos of yourself and items that don't open easily.

I scrolled down your posts and saw the lemon cake photo. TOO funny!

I'm so glad I stopped by your blog. Loved reading it. I linked you on my blog. Hope you don't mind. :)

-Beast Mom
I absolutely enjoyed visiting your blog!!! I'll definitely be back! Love your humor!
good to read your thoughts on the problem of the age spread, how it's asking too much to satisfy everyone 55 to 95. AARP's magazine is a good example of the struggle which they have "solved" by appealing to a younger and younger group with each decade.

judging from a comment here, sounds as if you've bridged the gap with your take on impossible packaging. that's what we need--more ways to talk across our differences.
The entertainment here will not change - this is the road they are on now - They have a tight rope to walk - trying to make everyone happy is an impossible task.

When I first came down here I had to go to all the shows and was out almost every night.

Now I welcome staying home at night if I have been out all day.

Times change and I change too.

What an astute observation you made - No matter the age, we can all relate to similar problems - with me it's opening packages!
Hey, switch to jazz. There was still a lot of other good music in the 50's and 60's that would likely have suited your taste. Yeah, a lot of the pop stuff was the beginning of rock, but whoever is doing the booking of peformers there is missing the boat if they restrict it to just rock. Sounds like ageism to me -- cutting out those of us in older generations.;-)

I thought the Beatles had some beautiful tunes and lyrics once they were given different arrangements and performed with different instrumentation that might be more to your liking. The years you mention, I was going strong with big bands, all sorts of duos to quintets and more. Surely there must be a lot of good musicians still playing and singing your music in Florida. We have 'em out here.

That's your mission when you return next winter -- to round up some more like-minded music lovers and see what groups might be around and where they're playing. Surely, all musical tastes can be accommodated. If not we'll have to start a protest, 'cause I don't want that happening to me in the next few years. Have you tried crying, to play on the sympathies of whoever does the scheduling? ;-)
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