Sunday, April 29, 2007
Since I was a little girl I loved the movies. There were three movie houses within walking distances from my house.

"The Olympia" showed first run movies. Any Shirley Temple movie was a sure fire hit with me.

"The Strand" showed mainly cowboy pictures and on Saturday matinees gave out pieces of china. I went there on a regular basis, that's how my mother got a complete set of dishes. You got your money's worth at that theater, not only did you get a piece of china, you saw Pathe News, a cartoon like "Popeye" or "Betty Boop" and then you saw what they called a "serial" which left you hanging so you had to come back the folllowing week to see what happened next. As I'm typing this I realize what they were doing was like what we experience on TV today.

"The Chelsea" was know as "The Scratch House" because the seats had fleas. The only time I went to "The Chelsea" was to see "King Kong" which I can't tell you how many times I saw.

In those days the movies did not sell refreshments so my mother would pack me a lunch just in case I got hungry. A salami sandwich was what I usually had. Funny thing is, no one complained, they all must have had the same snack.

As I got older "The Olympia" became my very favorite movie house. Those were the days we had REAL movie stars, Tyrone Power, Robert Taylor, Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, Hedy Lamar and Claudette Colbert just to name a few!!

In the 40's the fellows were just starting to get out of the service, had no cars so we would go into Boston by subway. It was a big deal to go to a gorgeous theater like "The Metroplitan." The theater was beautiful and the movies they made in those days were great!!

After a while I dated fellows that had cars so it was a pleasure going into town and after the movie we would go to a Howard Johnsons or a diner for a bite to eat and if your date was flush we would to Chinatown.

One of my dates introduced me to foreign films which we would see at the Exeter Street Theater in Boston. At one time the building was a church which they converted into a movie house. As I recall, it was not air conditioned but we went there regardless. That's where I was introduced to the talented Alec Guiness who starred in "The Lavender Hill Mob" and "The Man in the White Suit, just to name few.

In the 50's I married and moved to the suburbs. There were a handful of independent movie houses not to far from where we lived so it was still easy to get to the movies. Times changed, the conglomerates started opening up and were slowly causing the small theaters to close. At that point in time we had to travel a little further, pay a little more but still went to the movies.

A few years after my husband died I moved north of Boston. At that time there still was an independent theater in the area, "The Warwick." It was a charming little theater, the owner would greet us as we came in, we would see our neighbors and it was a hop, skip and jump from were I lived. And they showed foreign films!! Unfortunately, it didn't take too long before they closed their doors.

Now when I want to go to movies, it's a longer drive, most movies seem to be of the "cops and robbers" variety, seldom is there something I really want to see. When I hear about a good foreign film it seldom makes it to a theater that I can get to.

Would you believe I found a solution!!! - I recently mentioned to Steve that I was interested in finding out about Netflix and before you could say "Jumping Jacks" he had me signed up!!

I have already received my first film, "Tsotsi" loved it and am looking forward to the next one in my queue, "Inconvenient Truth."

I'll still be going to the movies with the girls, having dinner out and sharing the movie experience with them but who would have thunk years ago that a movie could be delivered to your door, watch it at your convenience and indulge in some hot buttered popcorn!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007
I have been home almost two weeks now and the sun FINALLY showed up but things still look bleak. Just yesterday I went to the local supermarket. I have gone there a million times before, but when I had to make a right turn that would lead me to the market, I wasn't sure I was on the right street! The tall shrubs were just like tall sticks and the trees were bare, "was I on the right street?" Yes, but it looked so different!!


Last Saturday afternoon I got together with my "girlfriends" and FINALLY got to the movies. There was so much going on while I was in Florida that if I got to the movies four times it was a lot.

A few years ago I read the wonderful novel "The Namesake" by Jhumpa Lahiri and was anxious to see the film adaptation. I enjoyed everything about the movie but I must say, the book told the story in a way that the film could not capture. Because I read the book first, I appreciated and understood what took place on the screen.

While in Florida I developed laryngitis but fortunately it didn't last long. Well, what do you know, one day last week my voice quit on me again. This time it turned out to be a lulu of a cold. A few times when I answered the phone and tried to say hello, the person on the other end said, "sorry I have the wrong number!" FINALLY, my voice is back and I'm much better.

I finally have unpacked the bags, boxes and garment bags, at least I have gotten things off the floor but I must admit I put things in my dresser draws and in the closets just to get them out of the way. At my leisure, I'll put them away where they really belong.

Healthy Chinese Food Exposed on Vimeo

When I first came home Steve picked me up at the airport We went out to eat and then off to the supermarket where I picked up the essentials. Well yesterday I FINALLY went to the market and got more essentials plus some goodies that every household should have, things like cookies, candy and ice cream.

Now if New England gets hit with another Nor'easter, I'm all set.

Monday, April 16, 2007
Jamaica Pond

In all the years that I have returned home from Florida after spending the winter there, the weather has always felt refreshingly brisk. I can remember stepping out of the airport, seeing the bare branches of the trees, the brown grass, sometimes overcast skies and sometimes sunshine, but it always felt good.

My plane was delayed an hour, the airport was jam-packed with travelers, lots of security people doing their thing. It seemed to me with all the people there it would be difficult to apprehend anyone trying to commit some type of crime. All travelers have to take off their shoes, even little old ladies in wheelchairs!

Finally I got settled in my seat and the usual announcements came over the loudspeaker. This time they were made by a charming steward with a FRENCH accent!! If he said anything important I missed it!!

Surprise, surprise - when I was served a cold beverage I got a whole can. In the past I remember being given a small glass with ice cubes and the stewardess poured the drink from the can, that way you don't get a whole can.

I always enjoy getting settled in my seat on the plane - I know that when I get home there will be lots to do - just finding my way around the house after being away for four months - where are the bowls, knives, light switches and how about the TV channels - the channel numbers and the times of some shows are different.

My car will be delivered in a day or two and when it comes I really get busy putting things away. I had a good laugh with one of my friends recently when we talked about how we pack. I am a very organized person and when I first start packing I put all my shoes in one bag, all my tops in one bag, etc. etc. When it comes down to the wire and I have to find a place for something I just tuck it in here and there, that happens to her too.

Going back and forth to Florida is a minor transition, it's not like losing a loved one, losing a job or some major change in ones life but it still is a change in routine and life-style. It's easier to stay put but in the long run, it's worth the effort.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007
It wasn't to long ago that I was concerned about having too much food in my freezer, after all, I was leaving Florida in a few weeks. Well, I want to report that I did such a great job between my freezer and refrigerator that I was practically running on empty.

I took myself to the supermarket yesterday and bought some essentials like milk, fruit and veggies. It proved to be a very unusual experience, the parking lot was practically empty, the store had very few customers and the check out was fast.

Before I went to the market I made my last visit to the local flea market. The flea markets here carry what is suppose to be at discounted prices, (I don't think so) The attraction is they have many vendors under one roof so that makes shopping easy.
Now they even have a section with gambling machines. You don't win money, you win coupons that you can use at local stores.

That parking lot was loaded, the flea market was very busy. Now that the snowbirds are leaving they don't need much food but they want to pick up last minute gifts. Every year there is a new item that is a big seller. In the past, it has been a particular watch, new style earrings or a new style handbag, not this year.

The new item is a special carrying case for a Mah Jongg set. It is made like a suitcase, has wheels and a handle. My friends and I have noticed that as the years go by the Mah Jongg case has gotten heavier!! It's not that WE find it harder to carry.

No, I did not buy it, I use my shopping cart and that works just fine.

My bags are packed, just a few minor things to take care of and before I know it, I'll be sitting on the plane and heading for home. Steve says, "Ma, you can come home now, it's warm here.""

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, a sunny spring and lots of fun patio planting.

Hope EVERYTHING comes up rosy this year.


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Wednesday, April 04, 2007
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