Wednesday, August 08, 2007
Millie and Bubbe on ABC News
My Mom and Bubbe on abc news

My mom was featured on abc news tonight with Bubbe from Feed Me Bubbe.

If you missed it, you can watch the video at ABC News Video

Here's Millie's I Can't Open It series of videos for those of you visiting here for the first time.

Way to go Millie!!

I was sitting in our den with Sam, my husband, and when they showed the first blog I immediately said, "They should show Millie Garfield"

And they did.

congratulations! I didn't know you're on YouTube.
Millie is everywhere, Paul! Gotta be proud of her! Keep making us look good, Millie! We love you!
I left a comment at 6:59pm on the last post. I was so excited to see you on ABC, Millie! Way to go!
Yay Millie!! You inspire so many.
WOW! You're on ABC News that is top shelf! Congratulations! I'm so very proud of you. The copy looks great on your Blog! WOW! Nanci NGB
Good for you, Millie. Glad to see you continuing to bring attention to Elderblogging in such a fun positive way.
My friend I knew you when...Marina
When the promo came on about senior bloggers, I said, "I bet Millie will be one and sure enough there you were.

Congratulations! You looked great and as a senior blogger, I couldn't be prouder than to have you represent us.
Congratulations Millie!
I loved the TV report but wish they'd had a lot more of YOU in it. I love the I Can't Open It series.
Millie you are def the most rockin' super star!

By the way, do you know any senior bloggers in the Dallas area? I met a 71-year old gentleman who wants to blog and he'd like to meet some people near where he lives to talk blogs.
I followed Maria's link and loved it! congrats!!!!
I did see the story! What a great thing - go Millie!

Burkean Reflections
Woo-hoo, Millie! Can I have your autograph?
Well done! Millie! Lots of love

Bravo, Millie! Since I watch NBC, thanks for putting this on here so we could all view it.
Gee....and by the time you get your own TV show, I can say "I knew her when." So don't forget us little people on your climb to fame! (smile)
Thanks to all my blogging friends who are as excited as I am.

ABC didn't let me know they were going to use me in that piece! If it weren't for fellow blogger Alan G's tip, I could have missed it!!

A Boston station picked it up too. they didn't let me know either.

Such is life of a celebrity! ;-)
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