Wednesday, November 30, 2011
Every year about this time I make a post about all the things I have to do to get ready for my winter trip to Florida. This year is no different but I've had lots of additional stress. Here is some of what has gone on while I was trying to do my thing.

When I went to see my internist for a final check-up I told him how very exhausted I have been feeling. I've always complained about my low energy level but this was even more pronounced. SO, being the thorough doctor that he is, he had me going for all kinds of blood work and tests. He even wanted me to go for a "sleep study."

Fortunatly when I called to schedule that appointment they could not book me until the middle of December. I won't be here then. Great, if necessary I can do that when I return from Florida! One less test!!

Then there was the time I had to go for a special blood test. The next day the technician called to tell me that an error was made by a new employee - he did not complete the test. They wanted me to come in AGAIN for more blood work.
Time for your shots!
Well, I was very unhappy about that, until a light bulb went on!! I remembered that when a person is not able to come in for the blood work they send someone to the house.

I called the lab, explained what had happened and sure enough they arranged to send someone to the house the next day.

And so it went, one test after another until finally I had an Echocardiagram the day before Thanksgiving. That meant I would not have the results until at least the following Monday.

In the meantime I learned that my internist was having shoulder surgery and had to wait until today to learn about how I did on that test. The doctor called today, he's still recovering from difficult surgery.

He would like me to see a cardiologist to review the Echocardiagram with me before I leave town. Will let me know when he can arrange that! Has to be before Thursday!

There's more stress, but that's enough for now!!

Now, to change the subject - A while ago I asked to Steve to order me some new calling cards ( I don't call them business cards because I have no business).

My Mom's Business Card! @milliegarfield
Last time he ordered them for me there was no charge. This time I asked him to add some additional information to the card and lo and behold there was a charge for printing and shipping 250 new cards.

Now I have a challenge - I have to meet a LOT of new people!!

Once I get settled in Florida I hope to making a sunny post!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011
When I say "Puttin' on the Ritz " I'm not referring to that jolly song that was popular, probably before many of you were born.

What brought this song to mind was a recent experience I had with Ritz crackers. I've used them for years when I want a tasty crisp topping on baked fish.

I recently bought a box of Ritz, opened the package and was getting ready to make this nice and easy fish dish. The crackers looks different! They didn't have that golden color that I am familiar with but without giving it much thought I went ahead and made the fish using those "pale crackers." I didn't think to taste them!

I don't have a specific recipe for this dish, I've made it so many times I make it like my mother would have. When I asked her how she made something she'd say, "put in just enough!"

Well, once the fish was done I was ready to enjoy a recipe that never fails.
"Wrong" - the fish had no taste - blah - just like the crackers looked.

The very next morning I called the 800 number that was on the box and spoke with a customer service representative. She listened to my story, asked for the code number on the box , where I bought the product and told me that the company welcomes input from loyal customers. Quality control will
look into the problem.

In the meantime she will send me some complimentary coupons to use for future purchases.

I've made calls like this a number of times, the service people are always very nice and are really glad to hear about "their product."

What do you do when a product does not come up to your expectations?


Sunday, November 13, 2011
Last week I wrote about "severe writers block" and got some terrific feedback. One suggestion came from my "newest fan, Barbara" who suggested I write about my greatest memories.

I gave it some thought and realized I have never blogged about the fun that Aaron and I had planning our wedding and the great memories I have about sharing the evening with family and friends!

In those days there was nothing like an event planner but I really didn't need that kind of help since I had been to many weddings and knew where I wanted the event held, the rabbi, the florist, the photographer I wanted and most important of all the band that would "make music" and coordinate the evening.

I do remember a few problems we had to figure out -one was who to invite and where to seat them. That was a tough one.

The other problem wasn't such a big deal. I wanted to have a flower girl but I had a cousin with a lovely little girl and a close friend who had a lovely little girl. What to do?

I had two flower girls!!
Wedding Toast

The band played all the numbers I had requested, the guests were having a great time, Aaron and I were having a great time and then as the evening was winding down the bandleader told me it was time for me to change and get into my "going-away outfit." I didn't want to do it!!!! I remember that moment vividly!

OK, so Aaron had to get out of his tuxedo, into a suit and I had to get out of
my wedding gown and into my going away outfit.

When the coordinator saw that we were ready he signaled us to enter the hall. WOW!! The band played "Toot Toot Tootsie, Goodbye!!!

I thought that was the greatest thing!! I'm sure he played that song for other newlyweds but for me it created a special memory!

Sunday, November 06, 2011
During the week I was trying to think of something to blog about ... unfortunately I was having severe writer's block - no movies to write about, not even something that I saw on TV. Nothing, zilch , nada!

The only things I could have made a post about was "more funerals" more about "assisted living" and more about doctor's visits. I just didn't want to get into any of those topics. Enough!!

Well, just today Steve forwarded a cartoon to me that really lifted my spirits.
It's as if he knew what I needed.

I'm going to follow the doctor's advice to the letter!!!

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