Thursday, August 15, 2013
In a few days this kid is going to be eighty eight years old!

"How can I say that?" you ask.

Well, I tell you what I've been thinking lately.

What was I like when I was a youngster?

Mom on a Horse

What was it like growing up as an only child in a small city like Chelsea, Massachusetts?

As a young child I was a very quiet little girl, made no waves, whatever mummy and daddy expected of me, that's the way I was.


In retrospect, I do remember making one big wave.

Mom as Flower Girl

It was a hot summer day and I wanted to go to the beach. For whatever reason my mother said "we can not go to the beach today." I was not a happy camper and persisted.

And you know what, we DID go to the beach that day!

I guess in some way I learned that persistence pays off.


In a conversation I had recently with a KID that lives here at Brooksby, I discovered that she too is an only child.

We bonded.

When we were growing up, neither of us felt that we were missing something that most of our friends had, siblings.

I do remember sharing time with a younger cousin who had two older sisters.

When she learned something "special" from her sisters, she would "spill the beans to me."


I never heard my mother complain.

Times were hard, but she did whatever she had to do with a smile on her face and a song in her heart! Oh, and could she sing!

That's where I get my positive attitude!


My dad was a very hard worker.

In my growing up days, dad would come home from work and have to go down the creaky dark cellar stairs and stoke the furnace.

Even as a child I would be concerned about my dad having to do that.

He did what he had to do and that was that.

I'm a dependable person, but I wouldn't go down those creaky cellar stairs even though I'm still "a kid."

With my Grandparents


In my growing up years birthdays were "cake and ice cream parties".

The one that stands out in my childhood memories is the time my mom, dad, aunt and cousin went to a waterfront park and had the most delicious strawberry shortcake!

This year, one week before "the day," my son Steve and his wife Carol took me for a mystery ride to a waterfront restaurant in Gloucester where we dined at a table overlooking the water.

The dinner was delicious, the sun was shinning, and the kid had the greatest time!

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