Friday, August 17, 2018
Happy 93rd Birthday Millie!

Read Ronni Bennett's nice birthday post, Millie Garfield is 93 Years Old.

HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear Millie! And Happy Every Other Day, too, which is what your wonderful smile teaches us all.
Auguri da Firenze!
Happy Birthday Millie. Looking Good.

Happy birthday, Millie ..... and many more!
Happy Birthday Millie. You don't look a day over 50. What moisturizer do you use? LOL
Bonnie - It's not the moisturizer i use, it's my mother's genes that I have inherited! Ha!

Happy happy happy Birthday dear Millie!! a freylekhn geboyrntog! Mazel Tov!
Congratulations, Millie!!!
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