Monday, June 28, 2021
Hello, Millie! What's New In Assisted Living!
Hello, Millie! What's New In Assisted Living!

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This week my mom, Millie Garfield (95), fills us in on what's new in assisted living.

- She took a nice walk outside, but was hit by an inexperienced elder driving a scooter. They need get lessons and pass a driving test for those things! She's resting, but nothing is going to keep her from doing the show!

- She met a man. He's 102 and talks!

- She got a gift package delivered to her from a social media marketing friend, Toby Bloomberg. We'll hear what she got. All that and more, on the next Hello, Millie!


YAY so glad Millie is doing ok! Looking forward to hearing all the news !!
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