Saturday, April 13, 2013
I'm sure you have heard the expression, "I was taken for a ride", which when used could mean "I didn't know what hit me" or "boy did that cost me big bucks."

Well, here's my story:

Steve had the opportunity to try out a new 2013 Cadillac ATS for a week.

He also had the thought that he wanted to take his mom for a ride to see how she felt about all that the car had to offer.

It so happened that I needed new patio chairs.

Steve knew they were on sale at Home Depot and thought they just might be what I was looking for.

What a great opportunity that was.

I would get a ride in that beautiful brand new Cadillac and also get the chairs I needed.

We made a date, he picked me up, and sure enough after trying various chairs I found a model that only looked good but they were also comfortable to sit on.

Anyone who's a senior and reading this knows, "the chair has to have arms and be easy to get out of!" Heaven forbid, if you sit in a chair without arms, you have a problem!

The attached video will tell you a lot about my experience that day and why I said "I was taken for a ride!"

I DID NOT KNOW that Steve had a camera going during that conversation!

If I could I would edit certain parts of the video but believe me, it's all au natural!

The chairs are great!

After Chair Shopping With Mom

Sunday, April 07, 2013
Today's the day that Ronni and her buddy Crabby Old Lady share another birthday.


Just the other day Ronni's buddy made a post about "all the things that could go wrong in a day, went wrong."

She said she didn't have a 'meatier story' that day:
Crabby Old Lady is acutely aware that this is a post so self-indulgent and so light and airy you may not be able to see it on your screen. She has several meatier stories in various stages of production but couldn't make one of them ready because her time yesterday got eaten up by ephemera – stupid, ordinary errands and chores that repeatedly went wrong. All day.
Well Ronni, I hate to say this on your birthday but "you were wrong."

That was not only a meaty post, but it was a great one!

We have all had days like that and your sharing it with me made me think, "Oh, that happens to the best of us."

No matter what you write about, whether it's serious stuff, fun stuff or your Saturday stuff, it's always something that I can learn from or something that gives me a smile!

Enjoy this birthday, wishing you good health, happy days and very few days that you might have Crabby Old Lady share with us!

Happy Birthday!

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