Monday, July 12, 2004
On Thursday afternoons I get together with "The Girls" to play Mah Jongg at the Club House. That way no one has to clean up the house or set up the bridge table. At our age any work we can eliminate helps make life easier. There are a lot of things we disagree about but that is not one of them!

Ok, we did away with playing in the house, but we still have to get things together before we leave the house.

First and foremost, each of us brings a Mah Jongg purse with $4.00 in change and the Mah Jongg card. I bring the tablecloth and each week someone is responsible for bringing the set. Would you believe that the set gets heavier each year?

It is a long afternoon, so I bring a bottle of water, some kind of nosh, take a sweater because it might be cold in the club house, and I bring an umbrella in case it rains!

Oh yes, I also bring the Boston Globe or some other reading material because we play with five girls and one girl sits out.

We are supposed to play until 4 o'clock, but when that times comes someone always says, "lets play one more hand". Maybe I will win the last hand!

And so we say goodbye and look forward to the next time we schlep our stuff to the clubhouse.


PS If you would like to know more about Mah Jongg go to my archives dated 11/2/03

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