Wednesday, September 08, 2004
For many years I have been using a large desk calender since I write big and I need a lot of space to make my notes. I do not like to be in small closed in spaces and I feel the same way about my calender. I even take it to Florida with me because I have more activities there and really need a lot of space.

I recently got a printer and the best place for it is right beside the computer. Well that is were the calender was so I had to move it to an inconvenient location. What to do? Well maybe it was time to try making my notations on a smaller calender, so I got my hands on one and made my first notation, Donor luncheon on Thurday, September 9th at 12 noon. Did not make that note on my large desk calender but out of habit did not look at new small one.

Fortunatly got a call from a friend who spoke about getting together with me for the Donor luncheon on Thursday. What! I did not see it on the big calender and forgot all about it.

Well you know what is going to happen now, getting rid of the small calender and back to my old big one. Old habits are hard to break and as the old saying goes, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks!"

How do you break an old habit?


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