Sunday, November 07, 2004
The other day it was extremly windy, the plant that I had on the balcony had tipped over so I went out there to pick it up and put it in a sheltered spot. I did that as quickly as I could, I live on the fourth floor, I felt that the wind could pick me up and toss me over the balcony. You have heard of the Flying Wallendas, well I could have been the Flying Garfield!

After that experience I started to think about my annual winter in Florida. I can not wait! Some of my friends have already gone South, some will be going soon. I manage to keep busy here with the theatre, movies, book club, Mah Jongg, and lectures.

When I am down South there is much more to do. In addition to all the things I do up North, there are flea markets and if the weather is good, which it usually is, I go to the pool or the beach. Clothes shopping is a lot easier in Florida as they cater to seniors. Up here they seem to forget about the lady who wears anything bigger then a size 10. The manufacturers are missing the boat, we need clothes and would buy them if they made them for us.

It won't be long now and I will be a flying Garfield by choice!


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