Friday, January 14, 2005
Since I recently stopped taking Celebrex, I decided to try Aleve, easier said then done.I tried opening it with a rubber disk, banged it with a knife and tried a nutcraker to no avail, so I just gave up.

Well fortunatly the next day I had a service man coming to my condo to make some repairs. I asked him if he could open the bottle for me. One, two, three, he was able to do it with no difficulty at all! I was delighted.

That reminds me of a short story that I read a long time ago.

Sue was dating Hank and did not want to make a serious commitment. After all she had a great job, was independent and could come and go as she pleased. He wanted marriage and kept trying to convince her to take the plunge.

Well one night she had an awful headache and went to take a couple of asprin, she could not open the bottle! She was miserable The next morning she called Hank up and said, "I am ready, let's get married."

After my experience with Aleve, if "HE" asks me to marry him, I am ready.


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