Friday, February 04, 2005
Every few years the comedian Mal Z Lawrence returns to Kings Point. For those of you who are not familiar with him, he appeared on Broadway in "Catskills on Broadway."I saw him here last week and am still thinking about some of his stories, I say stories and not jokes because he talks about how he sees seniors. For example - Many seniors down here own Toyota Camrys in either white or beige. (I happen to own a beige one.)

Well you know how forgetful seniors can be? When they go to the market or a show, and are gone for a while, they forget where they parked their car. They know they have a problem, maybe they can not walk too well, see too well or even drive a car too well, but their minds are still sharp and they have figured out how to spot their cars in the lot. They tie something to the antenna, it could be a flower, a butterfly or even a toy.

Good idea? Yes!

Mal says he is thinking of going out into the lot and switching the flower, butterfly or toy and putting them on different cars!!!

Can you just see the seniors running around looking for their cars!!!


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