Friday, March 11, 2005
Remember that beautiful song, "Getting To Know You" from The King and I, well that brings back memories of how I got to know my future husband. In a previous post I wrote about how we met. After that initial meeting we would see each other at local dances and would spend some time together.

The following summer we would meet at the beach, kibitz and play chess. I really was not interested in the game but I was playing my own game!

Money was tight in those days and when we finally had an official date, it was the movies and coffee afterwards. I was dating several fellows at the time and even though I was in my late 20's I was not thinking marriage. After a while it became a regular Saturday night date and I was getting to know this guy and my thinking changed.

That Fall the circus came to town and somehow I got two free tickets and asked my date to join me. He knew I was seeing other fellows and was very flattered that I invited him. After that evening, things changed, he became my steady date.

That was the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

to be continued


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