Sunday, April 17, 2005
It took less then three hours from West Palm, FL. to Boston, MA. but I can see that it will take me a lot longer to get my feet on the ground. My car was delivered on Saturday morning so now I have a lot of unpacking to do. What I say every year is, "I will take less next year." When I first start to pack I try to be selective and only pack what I will need for the winter season, when I finish I see that I have room in the car for a few more things, that is when I go off the trolley.

There are many details to take care off before and after the season, things like changing mailing addresses, stopping and starting telephone, same goes for the newspaper, disconnect cable, etc. etc. Those are things that I have to do. To make life easier I MUST Remember to take less clothes next season.

Now that I am back, in addition to what I have mentioned I have to find my way around the house, after all I have been gone four months so it will take me awhile to find where I put that good pot, where the knives are and where the light switches are!


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