Wednesday, May 11, 2005
For years now when Mothers Day comes around my son Steve and his wife Carol take me on a mystery ride. They never tell me where we are going so I have fun guessing as we ride along. Sometimes I guess and sometimes they stump me.

This year was different. Carol asked me if there was any exciting place I wanted to go. My first thought was, "what could be exciting on the North Shore?" Well it did not take me a minute before I thought of Jordan's Furniture that opened a branch store in Reading, Ma. I had heard it was a very unusual store. If you click onto Steve's post you will see how unique this store is.

The opening shot is of a little boy on the flying trapeze, I was so afraid for him. As Steve's caption says, "my mom is afraid of heights." You betcha!

A number of years ago I was touring London and had to use "The Tube." I believe that is the steepest subway in the world and needless to say I had a few scary moments.

When I have to use an escalator it takes a few minutes to pull myself together and hop on!

As I am writing this post I am remembering a picture that I have from my childhood, I must of been about three years old and there I am sitting on a pony. Boy, was I scared!

So this Mother's Day I finally figured out why I am afraid of heights.


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