Thursday, May 26, 2005
The New England area has been hit with stormy weather for the past two days. Heavy rains, winds and low temperatures have kept me in-doors. No doctors appointments, no errands that could not wait so it was time to do the things I always have on my list but never get to.

MEDICINE CABINET - We call it that but I bet most people do not keep their meds in there, everything but! Well I checked the dates on some of the items and sure enough it was time to throw them out. Mission accomplished!

NEWSPAPER COUPONS - Every Sunday when I get the paper I look over the coupons and see what I can use. It is frustrating to me because the trend seems to be "Buy two, get 50 cents off, "Buy four get $1.00 off or worse still is "Buy twelve, get $1.00 off. I am a single person and do not want to buy so many items

I went through my coupons, many had expired so why do I still cut them out and think I will use them? Sometimes I forget to take them to the market with me, sometimes the market does not have the product. OK, that took care of the coupons.

CLOSETS - I find cleaning closets the hardest thing to do - They say the rule is, "When you buy something new, throw something out." How many people do that? By the time I got through, I did have two bags of clothes ready to give away!

I am a positive thinking person so I must say a stormy day is good once in a while.
Look what I accomplished!

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