Saturday, July 30, 2005
This morning I read a post by Cowtown Pattie about a massive chemical explosion at a plant not far from where she works. Go read about her reaction to this major happening. It is quite a story and if you have read Pattie before you know she tells a good one.

Funny thing, this morning I had planned to tell a story about an explosion that took place recently at my place, it is nothing like hers but here goes.

The other day I was at the pool talking to my pool buddies and one of the girls was telling us about a new way she used to poach an egg. She uses a pyrex container, sprays it with Pam, cracks the egg into the dish, covers it and puts it into the microwave oven for 45 seconds and it is done and comes out delicious.

Well when I hear about a new and easy way to prepare something, I do it as soon as possible so I don't forget it.

Eggs by Markus Masataka, uploaded from flickr.

A friend of mine was visiting for a few days, she overheard the conversation and said, "why don't we have that for breakfast tomorrow morning." What a great idea!

Well the next morning came and I got two pyrex bowls ready, cracked the eggs, covered them and put them in the microwave and punched in 45 seconds. What I should have done was double the time so when the buzzer went off they were not done, so in my sleepy state I punched in another 45 seconds!

Well, what an explosion I had and what a mess I had to clean up.

We had oatmeal that morning!!

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