Sunday, July 24, 2005
When something happens and you know it is the right thing it is a wonderful feeling. Everything is perfect and you are happy and content, it seems that nothing can go wrong. That feeling can last for a long time and then slowly things start to change. You become aware that some things are changing and are not so great but you still feel ok, start to rationalize and do not want to acknowledge the changes.

You even start looking elsewhere and see that things could be better but still --- you feel a loyalty, after all you have been together for years.

For sometime now I have been unhappy with the Boston Globe. They have let some of my favorite columnists go, changed the caliber of the stories on the front page, have a very poor food section, and it seems to me that the print has gotten lighter and smaller. That last item could be me, after all I am no chicken, so fair is fair.

A few weeks ago the Globe added a new section called "SIDEKICK." What a disaster that is! It comes out six days a week, thank god it is not published on Sundays. I think the paper that it is printed on is flimsy, doesn't feel right. I used to read the comics but now, the way it is set up, I do not have the patience to read them. I could go on and on.

In today's Sunday Globe there is a column by a new ombudsman, Richard Chacon, who has a column titled "Sidekick Raises A Ruckus." Boy was I happy to read about the ruckus this has caused.

To quote Mr Chacon, he says, "But in a push to attract new readers, the criticisms from longtime Globe subscribers should not be ignored." I like that.

I plan to send a copy of this post to the new ombudsman. Now let's see what happens.

I hope my love affair with the Globe gets back on track.


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