Tuesday, August 23, 2005
Do you remember Pearl Mesta, "The Hostess with the Mostest?" Well if you do, we have one in our Blogosphere! This lady sure knows how to organize a party. She had people from all over the world attend and that is no small feat. Sometimes you can not even get together with your next door neighbor!

She started planning this party in May and kept it a secret from the recipient until August 18th. The recipient was me and the party planner was Ronnie Bennett. As most of you know it was for my 80th birthday. Was I ever surprised! I got flowers, cakes, candles, singing cards, video blogs, special birthday posts and even a sketch.

I have never had a suprise party before and this one "takes the cake." Another great thing about this party was that I can continue to feast my eyes on the cake and not gain weight!

To all my friends who attended my party, thanks for celebrating with me.

And to Ronnie, loads of hugs and kisses for making me the most fabulous party one could ever have.


Additional note from Steve:
I got these two message from my mom, on her birthday, on my answering machine.

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