Wednesday, February 08, 2006
These past few days have been keeping me on the go, lots of enjoyable things to do. I prefer to spread them out over time but you can't do that in Florida, When you have the opportunity to have fun, who can say no? Not only that but sometimes there are two things that I would like to do but they take place the same day and same time.

There is a Yiddish expression that I will attempt to translate, it's not as funny in Engish as it is in Yiddish but you will get the message. "With One Rear End, You Can Not Dance At Two Weddings."

To give you some idea of what is going on here I will try to paint the picture.

Sunday afternoon - A show at the clubhouse with Sharon Owens an entertainer who not only created the visual presence of Barbara Streisand but sounded like her. After the show it was out to dinner.

Monday afternoon - Attended a informational meeting given by Senior Summer School. While there I saw some classmates that I had spent time with last summer in Arizona.

Tuesday afternoon - I had plans to attend the annual fashion show at my club house, models are residents and it's always fun to see them do their thing, but I had an opportunity to see a musical at the Delray Beach Playhouse, who could say no to that? It turned out to be a delightful afternoon. One hour before show time cheese, crackers, wine and fruit were served on the patio overlooking the waterway.

Since Valentines Day is fast approaching the program consisted of many of America's greatest "Love Songs." Early in the program they sang "I Love You" from Mexican Hayride which is one of my favorites. After the show it was out to dinner.

Today I was so happy to stay home and catch up with myself but tonight is another story. This evening at the clubhouse going to see,"Direct From LA LAW" staring Jill Eikinberry and Michael Tucker. I loved them in LA LAW, let's see what they will do to entertain us tonight.

And it's only Wednesday!!

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