Sunday, April 02, 2006
The other day Claude from "Blogging In Paris" made a post entitled "Getting sleepy after eating."

That reminded me of the time my husband and I were visiting Paris and mapped out what we were going to do on a particular day. How do you not plan to go to the Louvre museum! We found out that an English language tour was going to take place that afternoon, so we decided to have lunch nearby and then go to the museum.

We found a lovely neighborhood restaurant, the atmosphere was delighful, the food delicious and the wine was a treat as I never drink in the day time.

The museum was a bit of a walk from the restaurant but on such a beautiful sunny day it was the ideal thing to do, BUT I felt sleepy. Oh my goodness, I could not hold my head up and said to my husband, "we have to go back to the hotel, I have to lay down." What a shame, that was our last opportunity to visit the Louvre.

As we made our way back to the hotel we passed a GIFT SHOP, how can you pass up a gift shop on one of your last days in Paris? By the time we left the shop I was feeling much better and so we went to the Louvre after all!

Now I find I can't even drink at night!!

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