Sunday, June 25, 2006
The other day I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Maura Welch, a reporter for the Boston Globe. She is working on a story about bloggers and Blogher, a conference to be held in San Jose, Ca., July 28 and 29th.

Maura lives near by so we arranged to meet at a local coffeshop. I did not know what she looked like but she knew what I looked like since she reads my blog. While I was waiting for her I felt like I was going on a blinddate, was she tall, short, blonde, brunette or possibly a redhead?

As I waited for her I looked at several people approaching the coffeeshop and wondered," is that Maura?"

Well, when she arrived I knew that was her and she knew it was me! She is tall, blonde and attractive.

We ordered coffee and settled in for a very pleasent, get acquainted interview. As Maura got to know me she made a comment that really gave me a big chuckle. "Why don't you go on TV?

What struck me so funny was that Toby Bloomberg from Diva Marketing Blog has been saying the same thing to me for the longest time. Toby says, "someday Oprah." I always feel she is pulling my leg!

If I ever wind up on TV, I think I should be on the Ellen Degeneres show!!

Now about Blogher, I did not attend last year and heard great things about it, SO this year I am planning to go and not only that but my son Steve from "Off on a Tangent" is going with me!!

What I would love to know is, "are any of my blogging friends going to be there?"

From what I hear the most exciting part of these meetings is seeing your blogging buddies in person.

Now about Oprah and Ellen, if either one of them calls I am available. :)

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