Friday, August 18, 2006
Birthday Comic from Chris Pirillo and Fitz
Thoroughly Older Millie
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Chris Pirillo and Brad Fitzpatrick highlight my mom's birthday on today's bLaugh comic, and follow it up with a list of 10 things she can’t open.

This is hillarious!

The cartoon and music video are great tributes to a fine lady. You truly deserve the acknowledgement.

Once again...

Happy 81st!
I copied the cartoon for my blog in honor of your wonderful day. I am sure you can open your mouth for cake!
This was fun. I keep running into "Happy Birthday Millie" all over Blogdom. You're a STAR! And you and my mom share the same birthday - a sure sign you're a wonderful person and a great mom. Happy birthday again.
I loved the cartoon so much that I copied it to my blog :)
Happy 81st! :)
Their comics at bLaugh are always great and I'm glad they could bring some more attention to your wonderful blog.

Happy Birthday :)
Hi Millie!

I just wanted to let you know that I have left you a birthday present at It's not much compared to what you have given me over these past few months with your blog, but it's my way of celebrating your special day just the same. I hope you like it!
Happy Birthday Millie (Silver Fox sent me). I hope you have the best birthday ever!
Please add my sincere wishes for a happy year ahead and more to follow that!
Hi Millie

I've been reading your blog for several months now and followed your links to find your son Steve's great vlog. I love the Carol and Steve Show! It's obvious he shares your sense of humor.

Happy 81st birthday! My own mom is also 81 and I only wish she could still be as healthy and able to communicate with the world as you are. I enjoy reading everything you have to say.

Many happy returns of the day!
A little late to the party. Happy happy 81st!
Happy Birthday Millie!

I found my way to your blog via Silver Fox Whispers!
I love it, Millie. You are one lucky lady!
very funny, thank you. Thanks for visting Millie, and BTW, I have gone to visit Claude to thank her and check that the link is okay. Are you feeling older yet?

Oh Lord! Is this great! Once again you make us proud, Millie. Hope this coming year brings you nothing but the best!
Happy Birthday Millie!

You are very lucky.
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