Friday, September 01, 2006
When Susan Berliner, one of the coordinators for NORC (Naturally Aging Occurring Retirement Community) asked me to make an hours presentation about blogging at the Summit Estates I didn't give it a second thought and said, "yes, I would be happy to do it."

millie's blog talk 001.jpgAfter I made the commitment, I thought, "how am I going to fill up the hour?" ----- On a few occasions I have spoken for maybe 10 minutes or so but a whole hour!!

Once I put my mind to it I had more than two hours of material ---- then I had to whittle down some of it, after all I didn't want to bore the audience.

A few days before the event my friend Nanci was saying, "tell the office that you will need twenty five chairs." Well, knowing how the attendance for other programs has been in the past, I figured I would be lucky to have 10 people participate.

On the day of the session I had arranged with Susan to meet one hour before-hand and go through the agenda. Well it took her a while to set up and people started to arrive early so there was no time to run through the program.

We were running out of chairs and had to call the office several times for MORE CHAIRS. More than thirty people showed up!! That was one of the biggest turnouts ever, even when food is served!!

They listened, laughed and learned.

millie's blog talk 003.jpgSusan was at the computer and walked the group through, "how to set up a blog." Not only that, she made a post on "" Now we are talking about making that a community blog. I'll have to find out how to get that going.

I showed some of the "I Can't Open It" series, which they enjoyed very much, when I looked out at the audience I saw a lot of smiling faces!!

There was quite a reaction from the audience when I told them about one of the reasons I enjoy blogging, " I'm not interrupted, I can complete my thought." I guess that happens to a lot of us.

I went on to tell them about the blogging friends that I have made from all over the world, how I have met one from Florida, will be meeting one from Paris and another friend from Maine.

The most important part of my presentation was when I spoke about how important blogging can be for older people who have lost friends and family or who find getting out and about more difficult and less frequent.

There were about a half dozen people in the group who have computers, some use it to pay bills, some for e-mail and some to play games. My friend Nanci reads a few blogs, (my influence).

Those who attended walked away learning some of the things the computer can do for them and maybe it will wet their appetites to learn more and TRY IT!!

Great job, Millie! It looks like you had a good time too. Quite a success. Good for you!
Millie, shouldn't it be NARC not NORC?

I still reckon the TV show is just a stone's throw away.

You're doing a sterling job promoting blogging

KP xxx
Congratulations Millie on a successful presentation. Looked to be quite an attentive crowd. I am sure you made some conversions. :)
A great time was had by everyone! You're on the road to Show Business!
Your presentation was very professional. Nanci

That was my error - see how I was thinking - sometimes I do think, "elderly."

It should read NORC. Thanks for catching that.

Will keep you posted about a TV show. I remember you were on TV not too long ago.

One never knows! ;-)
Way to go Mille! Are you going to take this show on the road?

It looks like they were hanging on your every word!
You were great!
Next time we'll have to meet even earlier to go over everything--I'm not surprised you had a standing-room only crowd. Thanks again.

Congratulations on getting up there and doing it, Millie. I think more people will get into blogging because you helped them understand that it's not difficult.
Yes, I recorded it last August and it went out October 4th and since then, nobody has stopped me and asked for my autograph ! KP
We in Blogdom knew it would be a hit. Keep us posted when you know some of them have started blogging and give us the blog sites!
I think I hear Oprah calling...
Congrats to you, Millie! You had a banner crowd! Sounds like you just may have enticed a few more people into our blogging world. That's so great....both for them and for us.
I want to be like you when i grow up Millie! Living and sharing! Do keep us posted as people start blogs so we can visit!
I knew this would be hugely successful. And I think the idea of a community blog there is fabulous.

People who might not keep up a blog by themselves could contribute once a week or even once every two weeks and if you did the posting, all they'd have to do is write a piece.

You could promote storytelling among them, or you could even suggest a topic every week, two weeks or month and ask each to write on that topic.

It's a sensational idea: Thoroughly Modern Millie and Her Friends.

Do that and I'll be it won't be long before they'd all want to be doing their own blogs :-)
Good for you, Millie! You are singlehandedly starting a movement up there!
I was looking forward to hearing how your presentation was accepted. It sounds like you made some converts .. the more the merrier. Good job.rec
To all my blogging friends

Thanks to all of you for your interest and great comments.

My presentation turned out to be a great success. the attendance, the interest and the start of a community blog was much more than I expected!!

One thing leads to another!!
One thing surely does lead to another Millie! I find all of this so exciting and was so happy to see you'd posted your presentation outline. Darn!! I wish I'd been there!

I love the community blogging idea and am sure it would lead to lots more elderblogging participation. All it takes is a bit of information and encouragement and you're certainly providing that.

Yep. I see Oprah et al in your future!
Bravo Divine Diva Millie! I am so proud of you .. sending virtual hugs to you.
Great to be heard.
On my recent Colorado trip I sat next to a woman who was having trouble finding the port for her earphones. She asked me to assist and I could not help but notice how much she looked like YOU! For a minute I thought I had serindipitously come upon a chance encounter with a v"irtual friend." I never asked her what her name was...but assume you were not flying into Denver last week. Now when I see people and have casual conversations I am wondering if they have a blog and if I have happened upon it at one time or another. Congratulations on your successful presentation; it must have been rewarding.
Fabulous - such a wonderful way for people to connect - you are the best Millie.
Congrats on the success of your presentation. Am anxious to see this whole concept spread across the country. Have been talking up some of these blogging ideas in the retirement communities to which I am exposed, ever since making contact with "Time Goes By" and Ronni Bennett.

It was through her that I found your blog, Millie, and have enjoyed reading you immensely, though I haven't always left a lot of comments. Referred yours and Lucy's blog to a 90+ gentleman just this week. Never know for sure if any of the referrals take seed.
Congratulations Millie, it sounds like you've started something.
Dear Millie,

I'm sitting here laughing with tears in my eyes! I'm so inspired by you. You absolutely rock. You are a firecracker and an inspiration to women to know that we are only as young as we allow ourselves to feel.

My Nana was my greatest role model. We were like two peas in a pod. At one time, after she suffered a heart attack, I thought she should slow down. She begged me to not take away her independence and dignity. I didn't get it.

Reading your story... opened my eyes and I finally got it. I was inspired to post a story in my blog called The Juicy Woman. You are truly a Juicy Woman, being so fearless in venturing out into the great big blogosphere going for it. I'd like to nominate you as my first Boundary Blastin' Babe. Would you accept the nomination?

I'd love to interview you for my blog and share your thinking with my readers. As I teach women, the quality of our lives comes down to what we think about on a daily basis. You helped me to have a deeper understanding of what my Nana was feeling after she came to live with us and I thought that she had to slow down.

As a message to all women... I'd like to share that you have to follow your dreams and listen to your heart. Shoot for the moon, at the very least, you'll land on a star! You rock, Millie.
Hi Millie!

Well done - looks like the presentation was a roaring success. Think of yourself as a cyber-missionary spreading the Blogspel ;-) I don't think anyone who hasn't tried blogging has any idea of the difference it can make to your life - the friendships that you form and the interesting discussions that you have are of a unique nature and very satisfying. I know that it can be hard to persuade elders to try something new - especially technologically. The argument that my dad (84 years old) uses is "I managed all these years without the internet, why do I need it now?"

I also think that where the message comes from makes a huge difference to how it is received. For me to stand up in front of a room full of elders and talk to them about how blogging can change their lives, I'm pretty sure some will say "Yes, maybe for YOU, but your position is very different to mine!". However, when you deliver the same presentation, people will sit up and think "hey, she's in the same situation as me! Maybe she's on to something..."

Well done and keep up the good work!
How great! Millie, Are there podcasts in your future? I met Steve at PodCamp last week. You should co-present next time!
Congratulatons - what a fabulous idea and how exciting that the audience was so receptive. I agree that blogging is wonderful because it allows a person to finish her thoughts - you're not the only person who often finds herself interrupted or wanting to carefully choose words.

Way to go and good luck with the community blog.

To answer your question about podcasting - if I ask Steve about it he will say, "Ma, why don't you do it," -

That's what happened three years ago when I asked him what blogging was, he told me what it was and said, Ma, why don't you do it." That's how TMM was born.

One never knows, I just might ask and the next thing you know I'll be podcasting!!
I do hope more people try it.

It's been an amazing experience!
Blogging and reading others' blogs, their everyday lives and experiences has helped me tremendously to understand others and not feel as isolated or weird.
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