Friday, October 13, 2006
Claude and Millie have lunch in Boston

Claude from Blogging in Paris came to visit Millie from My Mom's Blog. They met at South Station in Boston and had lunch at Les Zygomates. Carol and Steve met them afterwards. It's really great how blogging can bring people together.

Watch a clearer version over on [ MPEG4 ]

What a sweet little film! One day they are mere names on a blog, the next day they are living, breathing real people!
hey, it came out pretty good! Didn't we have fun though?
I'm looking forward to seeing the three of you in Paris one of these days!
oh my GAWD that was cute! :D
Weird, Whilst I could read the latest post, on my monitor the previous post still refuses to appear except the title.
This is great, Millie. I just returned from the Blue Ridge Mountains yesterday...and got to meet some bloggers in that area. This blogging is sure bringing all new friends into our life, isn't it? My blog on Thurs. will be about meeting the Floyd contingent.
Great video and now I'll have to catch up with Claude's blog. (I had no internet signal in the mountains for my laptop!)
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