Monday, November 27, 2006
It's that time of year when I start packing for Florida. I'll be leaving in about two weeks, so the JOB of getting my things together has got to get done soon. It's a job that I do not look forward to, I think about it more then I do it.

I stayed home today, pulled out the boxes, garment bags and luggage - now all I have to do is fill them up! Every year I say, "I'm going to take less this year," I know, the less I take, the less I have to handle. Those are the facts, maam, just have to put that into practice.

In between packing I take a break, sit down and make some necessary phone calls, call to suspend Massachusetts telephone and call Southern Bell to start Florida service, call The Boston Globe to stop service and call Sun Sentinel to start service and on and on that goes.

You would think that would be easy BUT what I ran into today was, "we have a heavy volume at this time, if this is not an emergency call back at another time." I tried again and finally got through - the person spoke English with a heavy accent, so I had to ask her several times to repeat what she was saying. It took me a good half hour to accomplish something that should have taken, tops fifteen minutes. I'll make my other calls another day.

Good Times in the HospitalEvery season in Florida is different, some winters are cool, hot, rainy and even cold. Two winters I spent time in the hospital. Some winters I have seen wonderful shows, others not so wonderful. The flea markets are always fun and there's always Mah Jongg.

I know that one big reason this season is going to be different is because a few of my best friends will not be going down. Two of the "girls" are physically unable to make the trip. Another friend and my two cousins are going to do some traveling.

One of the "girls" that is not able to go this season was a great influence on me, I'm not a clothes shopper and she would drag me out to the store, that's how I would buy some clothes.

Another "girl" that won't be there this season would find the most interesting things to do, museums, art shows and college programs.

In the past I would spend quality time with my cousins, go out to lunch, dinner, movies, plays or they would have me over to their home for dinner.

I'll miss them all. so I am not only getting ready physically, I'm getting ready mentally.

I want to end this post on a happy note so what I am happy to report is, "the Mah Jongg game is still in-tact. Those "girls" will be there for me"!

Millie - It seems only yesterday that you posted about leaving Florida. The time sure does whiz by.

Wishing you sunny skies and clear sailing as you move on.
Millie - Travel south safely. Have fun in the sun .. and stay out of hospital beds!
It's hard when we are missing old friends. Which is another reason making new blog friends is such a good thing.

Safe trip, Millie...
Gosh, Millie, I can't believe it's "that" time of the year again. Sounds like some changes though for this year...but sometimes new things are good. So do enjoy them and have a safe trip down here. We're keeping the weather perfect for you!
I can so relate to those phone calls...used to be so easy to conduct business via phone, but not so anymore.
Millie, you're such a doll... I wish you were my next door neighbour, the fun we'd have.

Our routines seem to go on in spite of changes. I am sure that this new "version" of your Florida trip will be fun as well as different. Challenges help us grow.
Hi Millie

I also find myself thinking "huh? Didn't she just get BACK from Florida?" - this year certainly has flown...

I sympathise with you on being unsettles by the changes in this year's trip - I'd feel exactly the same. I have a very high RC factor (resistance to change ;-)) which is something I'd love to be able to change abotu myself!!

Lucky you, having a lovely warm place to spend the worst of the winter months! Enjoy.
Enjoy and take care.
Just wanted to let you know I tried your potato pancakes... with rave reviews!!
Your apple crisp is still a family favorite and it was the perfect treat to share with friends when we got together to make apple butter the old-fashioned way(you can see pics from the 2-day event on my site).
Enjoy your warm winter! And please, post more recipes!

Thanks for your compliments on my Apple Crisp and Potato Pancakes.

Wish granted, before I leave for Florida am planning to post a recipe to keep you warm this winter! ;-)
Thanks to all my blogging friends for your WARM wishes.

I'll be posting about my times in the sunshine and my dips in the pool. Jealous, I don't blame you! ;-)
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