Tuesday, November 14, 2006
Last week I attended a book review featuring Frieda Arkin who at 86 years old has written her second novel, "Hedwig and Bertie" which has been very well received. She wrote her first novel in her fifties and since then has written a number of cook books. She read from her book and then answered questions from the audience. I always find that the most enjoyable part of the presentation.

There were a number of "girls" there that I have not seen in a few years. I would see then at the local community center where I attended a class in "Yiddish." As time went by the group would tell jokes with a Jewish flavor and hardly spoke Yiddish, at that point I stopped going, it was not what I was looking for.

Well, when I got to talking to them, they told me that they still go to that class and how great it is now. There is a young woman in her sixties (that's young) who contributes a great deal to the group and, "I should go." They were so enthusiastic that I just had go see what was going on. I went this past Monday and sure enough it was a lot of fun.

One of "the girls" told a story about her father who was a house painter and that reminded me of a funny story which I managed to butcher in Yiddish.

It had to be in the early 40's when my neighbor had a painter come in to do her apartment, he painted all the rooms, including the bathroom. In those days as I remember it, if you wanted to maintain the toilet seat, you painted it!

Well, he painted the toilet seat and when the neighbors daughter came home from work, you guessed it, she went to the bathroom and she sat on the freshly painted toilet seat!! Need I say more!!

If I hadn't gone to hear that author, I won't have seen "the girls" and I won't have gone back to the Yiddish class.

One of my mothers favorite saying was, "If you don't go out, nothing will happen." How true!!

I often have to push myself to do something new and then wonder why I didn't do it sooner. A cute picture.
Who is that precious baby?
The baby is Zack from a creative commons licensed picture on flickr, you can click it to go to a larger version.
How right you are, Millie. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!
Nah, I bet it's Steve!

Steve's mom says," Steve was a cute baby but that photo was not of him."

I'll look through some old photos and post one of Steve when he was "a little one."
That's right! Staying at home won't lead to anything.
Of course your toilet seat story made me giggle.
Have you read the book?
love your blog!
Yiddish always fascinates me, but as a total goy, I am in the dark as to most of it.
You have the best stories! And you're right--you never know what can happen--life is full of surprises and wonderful moments if we slow down and take notice of them.
Your mother had a very good point! (One which I lately need to listen to - we just moved and it's hard in a new town...)

And you have a wonderful blog! I'm so glad I 'bumped into you' on the blogosphere this evening!

It's so nice to meet you! And I will be looking forward to more of your stories...and of course, to pouring through your archives!
Sometimes I find myself being the same way...not getting "out" enough and then I wonder why not?
I'll have to check out that book, Millie, so thanks for mentioning it.
And thanks for your kind comment on my blog about my aunt.
Ring around the bum, thats funny. I could see this happening at my house but I'd have to say my comedian son would do it on purpose!
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