Monday, December 04, 2006
Do you remember the expression, "butterfingers?" Well, that was me this week. I don't know whether it's the new medicine I have been taking or it's just one of those things that happens with age.

Well, this is what happened the other day after I made some purchases using my credit card. When I got back in the car I attempted to put my credit card back in it's proper place in my wallet. Well, what do you know, the credit card slipped out of my hand and fell between the two front seats of the car! Oh my, how can you live without a credit card, - had to retrieve it, but how?

First I tried moving the drivers seat back - what I discovered there were things like old candy wrappers and a few bottle caps. I could see the credit card in an upright position to one side but there was no way I could grab hold of it. What to do??

I needed something small and sharp to pull it out with, my fingers certainly could not do that.

Then it dawned on me, I keep a small scissors in my bag for the times when "I Can't Open It" on the road; like a packet of salad dressing, or a soy sauce packet, or a stubborn ketchup packet.

You know that saying that the Boy Scouts are known for, "Always Be Prepared," Me too! ;-)

The scissors did the trick. CHARGE!

Well done, Millie. Good that you had scissors along!
You must have finished packing and soon get to sunny Florida. Bon voyage :)
Very clever thinking on your part, Millie, with those scissors.
But I have to say....those seats! I don't think it's YOU. I've dropped things between the seats also and it's darn near impossible to get them out again. Now Terri's going to put a pair of small scissors in her handbag for future incidents with the seats.
We have dropped prescriptions, coins,and today Jay dropped one of the pills he has to take before he eats. I have been very fortunate to have them fall down to the floor and I could retrieve them but of course we have a pickup not a car.
I just read about your blog in
I thought to write a comment Steve's Mon :D
Necessity being the mother of invention, I think you did well indeed!
GOod work Millie--
I hate when that happens...and it does happen now and then, keys, coins, pens...then I discover all the other stuff that's down there. Great that you had the scissors--I've had to get down on hands and knees to dig things out of there...

Ah, yes, those wonderful little bitty hidey places between the seat and the console.

Seems to always happen when you are in line at the bank or similar place that requires you to act...quickly.

I had it happen most recently with my plastic parking card that lets me into the garage for monthly parking. Dropped that sucker into a crevice just as three other parkers are pulling up behind me and expecting me to get on with mah bidness. I scraped my cuticles to the bone tryin to fetch the damn thing, but I got it.

Will remember your trick!
I think we ought be calling you inspector gadget, a tool for every job (except getting tops off jars) KP
One point in favor of the old bench seats! Retrieving dropped items from the depths of all the sensors, actuators, screwjacks, and electrical bundles is a real challenge. You did well!
Cop Car
Quick thinking!
I used to keep small scissors in my purse as well...they were confiscated by airline security 4 years ago!! Be sure to put them in your checked luggage or yours will suffer the same fate.
Millie, Millie, Millie! How I love your posts! You really capture not only the ironies of getting older but you remind us all of the sweetsorrow of just being human---fumbling but inventive!

I'm slowly coming out of depression/hibernation and hope to comment much more often but I'll say yet again, how much of an inspiration---even for basic bonehead bloggers like me, that you continue to be.

But I won't let that fact prevent me from posting the very BEST latke recipe for Channukah!
Lucy, Lucy, Lucy

It was great hearing from you. You manage to say things "just so."

Even though I have already made my latkes, I'll be looking for your recipe - always trying to make them better.

Cheers ;-)
Good thinking Millie. Your are so resourceful
I live in Bangkok, but used to live in Newton Ctr. I'll bet you didn't know how far your blog has traveled. I like your blog a lot. You remind me of my long departed grandma. You give me reason to pause about the little things in life that are so important. You also remind me of a gone-by era where the pace of life didn't seem so fast. I may be wrong about that. I'm not even sure how I found your blog, but I've read it all! Jack
I have a comment regarding the showing of a complete credit card number on a web site. Although it looks like the card pictured has no expiration date, it probably is not a good idea to show all of the numbers, so you might want to Photoshop out half the numbers because of all the Evil Ones out there today.
omg! what happened to your credit card? did you already find a way to retrieve it? anyone can use your credit card so you should be careful with it. incase i find this free credit repair and credit report score to check your credit history. this might help you determine if someone make any transaction to your card. good luck

gennie chan
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