Wednesday, December 27, 2006
My Mom on TV
Millie Garfield, 81, of My Mom's Blog on Retirement Living Television, Originally broadcast on December 26, 2006. Millie talks about how she got started, the relationships she's made, and how blogging has enriched her life.

Alternate QuickTime version hosted by

All the I Can't Open It episodes are listed on the sidebar.

You look and sound great!
Dear Millie, I received your telephone message Re: the TV Spectacular. Opened the computer BUT couldn't open the photo to play the program.. Very disappointed. Nanci B
millie you're a star! i wish father boris would get into it too, maybe this year in 2007
Millie...I'll say it again, you're one in a million!
This was terrific and I really enjoyed it. Gosh, you're such a "natural." Move over, Oprah....Millie has arrived!
Ah Millie "You're a "doodle".

As Hoke affectionatly told Miss Daisy in "Driving Miss Daisy"

Happy New Year
I thought that was just excellent Millie. And indeed, you always leave a warm smile on my face. What elder could not start blogging now...huh? :)
Steve thanks for putting this up for us all to see!!!

Millie your a star!
You are just the most lovely lady! Great interview, Millie!
Millie, I couldn't see it - but I( heard - and you did a wonderful job!
Hi Millie, I viewed your TV presentation on "Blogging," And I loved it!
I was suprised at your "blogging" progress. Wow! I'm looking forward to seeing you at the Chelsea Reunion or sooner.
Leona Ornstein
Divine Millie .. Congrats! What a great way to end 2006 .. wonder what wonderful adventures are in store for you in 2007 ;-)
Dear Millie,
Always something going on with you, isn't there? This is a special, were you nervous? You don't look it at all - well done.

Just popped over to say HAPPY NEW YEAR MILLIE!

Stopping by to wish you a wonderful 2007, Millie. Happy New Year.
Mille, once more you were delightful rep for Elderblogging. Spouse joined me in watching as "Retirement Living" comes to our house on Wednesday. Any advice? yours, naomi
Millie you star. Can I get your autograph before you get really famous and your bodyguards won't let us near you. KP
OH I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS! Way to go Steve and Millie!

If I can only convince my Mom In Law to Blog (or even use a computer and e-mail).

Again, a job well done. Very inspiring!
I just read Terri's comment

"Move over Oprah... Millie has arrived"! - :) I agree!
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Great job Millie!!! Keep up the great work and keep having fun doing it. Ted Connolly, founder
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Millie you deserve a Gold medal.
thank you maswex
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Wow! I'm looking forward to seeing you at the Chelsea Reunion or sooner.
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