Tuesday, December 19, 2006
Every season when I come down to Florida there are things that need to be repaired, replaced or straightend out for whatever reason, this year was no different.

The flight down went as smooth as silk and my car arrived even before I got down here. Some years it has come days after I arrive, that's why I take a suitcase on the plane with items to cover my needs just in case my car is delayed.

Now for the minor things that need attention:
Disposal needs to be repaired - called maintenace - can live without it for a while
Dishwasher needs adjustment called maintenance can live without it for a while
Faucet in bathroom is leaking - called maintenance " can use it even though it is leaking
Rain came in through ceiling - called to report it, they will have to check the roof
Building elevator not dependable, don't know when that will be repaired - I can manage without it
My forwarded mail has not been delivered yet. I have tried calling the post office several times but I have not been able to contact the right department - Press 1, Press 2, Press 3, Press 4, Press 5. Look's like what I will have to do is go down to the post office and speak to a PERSON.

Now for the big item that really got my dander up was my phone was not working when I arrived. Weeks before I leave for Florida I call Southern Bell and arrange for them to reconnect my phone the day before i arrive just to make sure the phone is working when I get there.

Well, one of the first things I do when I arrive is check the phone- when I picked up the phone it was dead!! Fortunately Steve was with me and he had his cellphone - That's when the fun started - Now that I look back at what happened, what we should have done was kept a record of every telephone conversation we had with Southern Bell!! They were sending us back and forth to Customer Service and Repair. The left hand did not know what the right hand was doing - I'll spare you all the details which I can hardly remember myself, but it was crazy!

At one point they said the phone would be on between 11:00 am and 1:00pm, didn't happen, called again, said phone would be on by 2:00pm - didn't happen- said phone would be on by 6:00pm - didn't happen - said phone would be on by 12:00pm - didn't happen.

The next morning I was fit to be tied - I was ready to call the police emergency number of the police department. At 9:00am I gave it one more shot , called and explained what was going on and asked for the person's name. The operator said she was not allowed to give her name but gave me a number I hadn't called before and told me to ask to speak to an agent. Finally she got the message that I was furious and said that I would have my phone connected momentarily. Well, At 10:00am I finally got my phone in working order!!

Now, I live in hope that "Trouble in Paradise" will turn out to be "Pleasure in Paradise." I'll keep you posted!!

Looking forward to reading "Pleasure in Paradise"
Having no phone is just not possible! It looks like you are settling in though. Hope they fix the roof soon. You don't want to be mopping up water whenever it rains!
What has happened to "service" from businesses? Seems to me it use to be the ones that delivered poor service were fewer than in recent years. After reading your account, also seems trying to plan ahead was for nothing and a waste of your time. Shouldn't be that way. Hope all is "go" now!

Whee! A video tea party one of these years. Maybe we'll need a fresh lemon cake by then! ;-)
Millie, I know all that was frustrating for you and I hope it will all ease soon so you can truly have paradise without problems.
You gave me a good laugh this morning!!

Not to worry, I have some Lemon Cake in my freezer so whenever you are ready, I'm ready.
How frustrating for you Millie. As they say"when it rains it pours."

Bell South has been going down hill for a while now and that is unfortunate. I get so angry when something like that happens to me.

I am glad you finally got connected.
Gosh, that's terrible, Millie! And the thing is...today a phone isn't a "luxury" it's a safety necessity.
Making it ever worse is the fact you can't call the next "guy" and get service there....it's a monopoly. So good for you for letting them have it!
Glad your flight down was smooth and welcome back to the Sunshine State. Happy Holidays to you.
Amazing how when you made them aware that you were serious you had your phone on "in a few minutes." Lord, I hate "customer service."
I am sure that trouble in paradise will one day become pleasure in paradise. Keep smiling!!!

wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!

Happy holidays -- hope you're having "pleasure in paradise" by now.

Hoping you have a wonderful day, filled with all the things you would wish for yourself; hope you have got things all sorted out now and are abkle to relax.

lots of love
To all my blogging friends waiting to hear about "Pleasures in Paradise." If it isn't one thing, it's another. There are some things that still need straightening out, me included!!

The traffic is heavy, the restaurants are crowded and the weather is tempermental.

I still live in hope - one of these days I'll make a post entitled "Pleasures In Paradise. ;-)
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