Saturday, March 10, 2007
In just about a month I will be closing up shop here and heading back north.

When I get settled in Florida it's time to get together with friends for lunch. or dinner and say "Hello." Now it's time to get together for lunch or dinner and say "Good Bye." That entails a lot of eating out, in many cases it means taking home "doggie bags."

Contents of a freezer

That works out fine when I arrive but it's an altogether different story when the date of departure gets close. I just took a look in my freezer and I have so much stuff in there! I can't possibly eat everything I have in there in a months time. Now you might say, "well why don't you give some of that food to someone who stays longer then you do." Aha, that's a good thought but most everyone I know down here is a snowbird and they go home about the same time I do.

The acceleration of doggie bags is growing and not only that but a friend of mine is bringing me bagel! Why oh why is she doing that? I'll tell you! She has a neighbor who works in a deli and the policy of the place is at the end of the day they either throw out the bagel or give them to the help, .Well, this good natured person brings home the bagel and gives them to her neighbors.

My friend's freezer is loaded, needed help, so she brought me a large assortment of bagel. I usually buy plain, egg or whole wheat bagel, now, you name it I have it!

I know the solution to this problem is not to go out to eat so much and eat home more - that's not going to happen!!

I have this problem every season and somehow it works out, by the time I leave my freezer is empty!! Mission accomplished!

Ya know, you could all take turns cooking dinner for each other as your time to leave draws near. Cook what you have in your freezer, serve it on some cute dishes, and Voila! A Smorgasborg. Plus, it looks like you could serve ice cream for dessert!
I bet some local food shelters would be able to use that food. You would be the most popular person in the place with all those goodies you've got!
I like lisa dunn's idea! But I'll take the pizza marguerita!!
Another idea is to ask for a half size serving... that way you won't have any doggie bags to take home.

Pity you are not just next door... My freezer has only a lot of frost in it. I could take some of that stuff off your hands. KP
So you'll soon be back to Boston!
I am sure that like every year you will have solved the food in the freezer problem.
When I have too much of something and freeze it, I am terrible because I don't feel like eating it in the next week or so. And then I forget all about it and end up throwing away some food that was perfectly ok.
Whenever my daughter drops by, I try to give her some. But she lives with her boyfriend and would need two portions.
Not easy.
I think Lisa is on to something... why not have a weekly get-together and take turns emptying one another's freezers?

From the looks of your freezer alone, this could be the start of something exciting.
I agree with John...some churches or temples may be able to help you if their health codes allow.

Just found you,PBPost. I guess I am one of the old bloggers, 83.
I invite you to visit.
Hi Millie,
Great Blog!!! i just started one called
You are a great inspiration!!!
lol My fridge looks about the same, Millie. I forget leftovers all the time which reminds me of a comment my son made as a teenager when he was clearing the dinner table: "Mom? Do I throw this out or put it in the fridge until it turns green and fuzzy?"
Good luck on getting your freezer emptied, Millie!

BTW, in reference to an earlier comment I made wishing you a belated happy birthday -- what can I say -- Claude got me all confused talking about all those birthdays. Then I went to visit Lucy and thought how interesting that the two of you were having birthdays so close -- NOT! This is one of those cortex kinks moments I wrote about recently. No! It is definitely not attributed to my age.
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