Sunday, June 17, 2007
Meeting Ronni
When I found out that Ronni of Time Goes By was going to be in the Boston area I made plans to meet her at a restaurant about an hour away from where I live. I still drive (even at night) but was not familiar with that area and rather than create a stressful situation I called "The Ride." This service provides door-to-door transportation to eligible people who can not use public transit (subways buses and trains because of a physical, cognitive or mental disability. Somehow I qualify!!
"The Ride" will take you anywhere within their service area.

This is what transpired when I called requesting a ride:

Reservationst: Your customer ID number, what day do you want to travel, when do you want to arrive, where do you want to go and will you have a guest.

When I told her I wanted to go to Joe's Bar and Grill - she said hold on - she had to check the map because no one had ever requested a ride to a bar and grill! Then she asked if I would be traveling with a guest. I said "No." By this time she was laughing, laughing and laughing and I was laughing with her.

The final question was, "What time do you want to return? I said, " I don't need a ride back." By this time she's hysterical, and I was too. She probably thought I was going to have a romantic rendezvous or a blind date!

Her final words to me were: "Have fun and be good."

Ronni Bennett and Millie Garfield

Last Friday "The Ride" picked me up and drove me to the restaurant. When I walked in it didn't take but I minute when I spotted Ronni and Steve and as a bonus Halley Suitt was there too. I had seen pictures of her and immediately knew who she was.

Even though I had never meet Ronni in person it was just like we were old friends that were meeting for lunch. That's the way it is with bloggers. By the time we meet we know each other very well.

For those of you who read Time Goes By you can just imagine the conversation - we talked about our blogging friends, politics, TV, cooking, baking and even Mah Jongg.

It was a very special day for me even though I did not have a romantic rendezvous!

Read Ronni's post about it, Meeting Thoroughly Modern Millie, on her blog.

I jusr told Ronni how much I envy the two of you! Both of you are people I would love to meet! I'm so glad you had such a great time!!!!!
That's cool that you got to meet in real life. One day maybe I will meet some bloggers.
It was terrific to meet you in person, Millie. And I love "The Ride" story...
Oh! How I would have loved to be there with the two of you. On both your blogs, it looks like you've had a great time!
I loved the beginning of your story with "The Ride". It made me laugh aloud :)
This was too funny about the dispatcher taking your info....can only imagine what she was
And how neat you got to meet first I thought you HAD met her, then remembered it was Claude you'd met. You're such a celeb, Millie....glad I also had the chance to meet you last year.
Millie, I am laughing hilariously at "The Ride" story. Only you would innocently create such frolicking tale.
How fun! Where did you go to eat? I hear the pancake place has closed!
When I got together with Ronni we ate at Joe's Bar and Grill. I had a salad with everything in it.You name it, it was in there.

As far as the new Pancake House goes, not open yet so I never know where my next meal is coming from. :-)
What a charming story that is, Millie. But what I want to know is what you really did AFTER you left Ronni? ;)
Great question!

I didn't have a romantic rendezvous before or after meeting Ronni but I was "flying high" for days afterwards!! ;-)
Seems like your 15 minutes of fame is going on and on!

How wonderful to meet Ronni. I would love to meet both of you some day. Blogging certainly makes friends for us that we would never have without the computer.
I am envious, Millie, and I would love to meet both of you!
To all my blogging friends
My goal is to meet as many bloggers as I can. Maybe someday, somehow we can all get together.

Maybe Ellen or Oprah will have a special on the blogging community, pay our fares, put us up in a hotel and give each of us some fabulous prizes!!

One never knows. :)
Like your idea of a Elderblogger TV Special. Don't think Oprah's interested in our age group, so think we better hope Ellen will do it. Would love to see what kind of free gifts Oprah might give us though. Sure hope it wouldn't be a bunch of that eternal youth stuff. Frankly, I think we need an Elder talk show of our own and you can host it! Golden Lucy can be your second banana and Ronni can produce it. I have more ideas but I don't think you want to hear them!
You say you and Ronni met in a bar? Hmmmm! You only had to get there -- you didn't need a ride home? Hmmmm! Then you two met some other people? Hmmm! What kind of an image is that for an Elderblogger??? ;-)
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