Sunday, June 24, 2007
It seems that with age I am more observent and sensitive to everything around me, more aware of what people say and how they say it, if their voice is soft, loud or shrill and how they treat other people. When I was younger I just accepted things and people the way they were. Shouldn't that be the way it is now? Am I getting too critical?

When I sat down to write this post I just wanted to blog about a few things that annoy me - nothing too serious but what an opening paragraph!!


It never fails - when I go out to eat with "the girls" and the bill comes - I'm usually the one that collects the money from each girl and what do you know - "SHE" only has a $20.00 bill. Can't she take a minute before she leaves the house to make sure she has an assortment of bills.

Pen and Paper

It never fails - at the conclusion of a monthly book club that I belong to, the leader announces the name of the book to be reviewed and the date of the next meeting and what do you know - most of the "girls" do not have paper or pen. It's a simple thing to do, just keep paper and pen in your handbag. They have everything under the sun in there, why not the essential paper and pen.


It never fails - I call to let someone know that I will be picking them up at 1:00. When I get there she says to me, "Give me 10 more minutes."

My Moms Blog

It never fails - someone is in the middle of a story and some else pops in with an entirely different subject. (Ronni from Times Goes By knows that's one of my favorite gripes) They are not even courteous enough to look like they are interested or even listening, they are just waiting to get their licks in! I love blogging because no ones interrupts me!

I realize all this is small potatoes. Is it me, is it the weather, my age or am I just being grouchy today?

These kinds of things bug me, too.
I think when you get to a certain age, you don't suffer fools gladly, I know I don't!
Valid issues if you ask me.

Add to those the person who "left their wallet at home" when it comes time to kick in for the bill. How does that happen and always to the same person?
I am glad you are normal. I was beginning to worry about you!

Did you hear me laughing? You gave me the biggest laugh!!

I'm normal - so that's what my trouble is. ;)
Wouldn't you think these things would get better over the years, or that people we know would think up new kinds of things for us to gripe about?

Amazing how consistent our gripes are - or is it the people who do things that annoy us that are so consistent.
At the age of 75 I have found out nothing in life is perfect. However, when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at WILL Change!
I never heard you vent and I don't know if that is normal because it is a NEW YoU!
Well, if it's YOU, Millie...then I'm right there with you. Everything you listed here would annoy the heck out of me too.
I'm not sure exactly what accounts for us feeling this way...could be getting older, the weather, whatever. But I personally think, society in general has just changed. Manners? What are those? Selfishness is very common...and I feel it's extremely "selfish" to keep somebody waiting 10 more minutes. Nobody comes prepared or organized anymore...the pen and paper. AND I'd bet anything they'd call YOU for the info that they neglected to take down. (due to lack of paper and pen in their handbag)
As you can see, all of this annoys me as much as you....AND.....visit my blog tomorrow. I typed up a post earlier today that touches a little on this subject...that lack of customer service we no longer have...something that annoys me no end!

That's exactly what happens - When did she say we will be meeting again? What's the name of the book?

Also - Could you give me the name and number of the plumber painter, electrician etc. etc.
" I didn't write it down."

In that case I'm happy to help them out - makes me feel good to be able to put my hands on that information.
I'm 38 years old and have to say that I'm right with you on these issues. I don't think it's age; I think it's intelligence and attitiude. We know how to handle ourselves and expect the same courtesy from grown people!

We were talking about a book recently at our monthly mom's night out and as I wrote down the information an acquainance said to me, "Can you just e-mail that to me when you get home?"

Goodness Sakes! :-)
Shoot, it is late evening and I thought I would read your blog before going to sleep, but now I feel the guilt, oh the awful guilt, because I am one of those who never has the pen or paper with me and rely on others.

At least, I am always on time and I always have the right amount of money for the bill. Does that count for something. Am I bad or just half bad?

I too can think of a half dozen things that irritate me to a higher degree than they used to.
I feel the same way and agree with you. It's happened to me too.

Sorry I planted a guilt trip on you, I thought only mothers did that to their children.

To ease your guilt I would say, " you are less than half bad! ;-)
Millie - your blog is fabulous! We decided we wanted to blog tip you for being so inspirational. We want to be like you when we grow up!

The 4fabmoms:-)
Sorry Millie!

Here are the links to blog tipping. Be careful because blog tipping can be addictive!
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