Sunday, September 09, 2007
What has happened to TV? Why don't we have writers like we had years ago? Why do we have so much violence on the tube?

Just a few years ago we had "Everybody Loves Raymond" and Jerry Seinfeld. Before that we had "The Golden Girls" and way back we had "Mash", "I Love Lucy" and "Leave It To Beaver." Those were just a few of the great shows that the general public could enjoy.

Today with all the channels we have available to us, try and find a show that does not have sex, murder, or drugs.

What has prompted this post is that recently I received the opportunity to have a months free trial of Channels that I do not subscribe to. I find myself sitting on the couch and going from one channel to another trying to find something worth watching. On occasion I have found a movie that I find enjoyable. When the month is up - no way will I pay an addition $11.95 for "WHAT?"

Two TV Shows That I Enjoy

On my regular subscription I have been watching "Monk" on USA, Friday nights at 9:00est. Adrian Monk, played by Tony Shalub is an obsessive- compulsive detective. Because he is so observant, he notices the slightest detail and gets his man.

I love it when Monk visits Dr. Kroger, his psychiatrist, played by Stanley Kamel. In one episode Dr. Kroger is shown having trouble controlling his own son. We all have our problems!!

Mad Men
Last Sunday I was fortunate to stumble onto a marathron of a new show, (new to me)," Mad Men." I watched it all afternoon and loved it. Since than I have seen it on TMC AMC, Thursday nights at 10.00pm, est.

It takes place in New York City in the 60's at an ad agency. The men smoke, drink, are unfaithful to their wives and have no respect for "the girls" in the office.

That was the time that women were still fighting to come into their own. I was working in an office in the 50's and 60's and could relate to many of the goings on. It was all so real to me down to the clothes and jewelry " the girls" were wearing.

I hope they don't cancel "Mad Men."

Now my question is "are there any other good shows on TV or should I just read more books?"

Steve adds:
You can watch two new videos from my mom.

I Can't Open It - Lemon Pepper and Roll On Deodorant.

Yiddish Class: Beautiful, Moon, Black Coffee, Blue, Book.

It's on AMC!!! NOT TCM!!!

You are right!! It's on AMC

Will correct that!!

Thank you
I hope you have your library card.
I vote for the books. Have you read any Ann Purser? Fun little mysteries and easy reads. Those good "lounge around by the pool and read" kind of books. That's what I'm reading right now.
I lurk around here often, and thought I'd chime in. I'm thinking you might also like Burn Notice also on USA network. It was aptly described by Entertainment Weekly as a combination of Magnum P.I. and MacGyver (both of which were favorite shows of mine.) It's got action/adventure and humor which I enjoy tremendously.

As far as humor shows, I think comedies right now are about more quirky humor. It's not nearly as straight-forward comedy as it used to be. However I personally am fond of 'Til Death on Fox. It features the actor who played Ray's brother on Everybody Loves Raymond and Joely Fisher.

So now you have a couple shows you can check out. :)
Hey, Mildred, you have good taste. By the way, I grew up in the same town as Stanley Kamel and his mom knew my mom. I had a fan club for him for a while when he was appearing on a soap opera. Believe it or not, I have never seen him on Monk.
Millie, I agree with you about TV. There are way too few good shows on nowadays. I love Monk and I want to see Mad Men, but I didn't know it was on already. Thanks for the prompt.
Steve and Jill
Steve, I have my library card ready and will go and check out the author that Jill recommended.

I'll be looking for Burn Notice and Til Death on TV.
I thought that "Til Death:" was cancelled. Never heard much about it.
When you mentioned "Til Death" - reminded me of "Six Feet Under." I liked that one.

You should go watch Stanley Kamel, he's great on the Monk show.
What soap was he on?
This past week, I just got cable and tv reception for the first time in a DECADE. Yup, we've had NO TV for almost 10 years. I'm pretty sure we were the only family in America. I can't say I'm finding lots to watch however. Makes me wonder why I decided to pay for all this...oh yeah, the husband wanted to watch sports and the kids are now clamoring to watch what their friends watch. :o

Not sure if this is all good...I'm a library/book gal myself...

Millie, our favorite show on TV right now is,,,,,,,,,,,

Reruns of "Everybody Loves Raymond" . They come on here every night at 7:30 PM and some nights more than once. I love that show. Marie, and Frank and Debra and Raymond and of course Robert and his new bride Amy. Evem watching reruns of reruns is better than some of what passes for sit com now.
It's the same here in the UK Millie. TV especially at weekends is appalling. In fact I have the shopping channel QVC on now eek !

I think it's all about economics, everything's got to be done on the cheap. As for the language... I think that's just s sign of the times.
I'm hooked on Saving Grace, The Closer and Law & Order reruns.
I used to like Boston Legal but haven't seen it in awhile. I thought those writers did a pretty good job. As for tv in general, too many copy cat shows today. No one seems to be willing to do anything original.
Really the present day comedies are about more quirky humor. I have my own lighter section on web design company blog to have some real time. The comedies are not nearly as straight-forward comedy as it used to be. However I personally am fond of 'Til Death on Fox.
I'll have to check out Mad Men.
I do catch Monk upon occasion... JB calls me Monk sometimes because he views me as a bit obsessive.
Me too - I never get tired of watching Raymond reruns.
I heard a book review of Sid Caesar's life and the speaker said that Sid's favorite TV show was, "Everybody Loves Raymond." We know a good thing when we see it!!

I'll look for "Saving Grace,: I thought she was cancelled.
I do enjoy "The Closer" because of the
leading lady and her personal problems.

Monk reminds me of my husband, wasn't as obsessive as Monk but he did like everything just so!
Oh, Millie, I so agree with you. Nope, I'm afraid I can't recommend anything really worthwhile. I do have a few favorites, but I wouldn't say any of them compare to Everyone Loves Raymond and so many good ones we've lost.
Start collecting more books! That's what I do every I get much more entertainment from that than I do from TV.
FYI.....Have you read the Miss Julia series of books? By Ann B. Ross. Read them a couple years ago and they're very enjoyable. Miss Julia is in her 70's and the books are very humorous.
From the comments I have received so far, looks like "The Book" is the thing. I'm not missing anything as far as TV goes.

I'll make a note of the series of Miss Julia by Ann B. Ross. Thanks for the recomendation.

Curling up with a good book sounds like the way to go.
Do you like game shows/reality TV? Ever tried? I actually got hooked on The Biggest Loser. It's real, it's difficult for them, and it's amazing what people can do.
I have taken to playing computer games like BookWorm Deluxe while half viewing and mostly listening to old re-runs of Golden Girls, Reba, and Everyone Loves Raymond.

Loved your Yiddish Lesson. I had a book back in the 60's called Yiddish for Yankees. Wish I could find another copy. It was hilarious.
Yiddish for Yankees online as an e-book. Download a copy from the author.
Well, Millie, imagine you had to watch the same TV series you're watching in the States, only older seasons, badly dubbed! This is what we have here.
I enjoyed Desperate Housewives season I because I was offered the series on DVD and watched it in English. SeasonII has to be watched in French, badly dubbed, it ends up being hilarious for all the wrong reasons, so I quit.
I find that I am watching less and less TV and finding it more and more boring.
I reckon they should give you your own series of Yiddish lessons. You're a star!
TV is bad enough but having it badly dubbed in French is really bad. No wonder you quit watching

I am so glad you brought ""Yiddish for Yankees" to my attention.

I'll be getting it downloaded - E-Book, Edition. $3.95.

If I find I enjoy that, I'll send away for a copy. From what I have found out so far - it's still available $6.95.

Got the information through Steve and Google.

Thanks so much. I could use it for my Yiddish Class!!

I haven't found a sponsor for my Yiddish Class yet! ;- Maybe someone from my "Can't Open It Videos" would take a chance on me. ;-)
Lately I've been watching "Clean Sweep" on The Learning Channel. I always think "I'm messy, but at least I'm not THAT messy!" I also enjoy watching "How It's Made" on the Science Channel. Of course, it helps that I have a TiVo recording system so I don't have to stick to live TV; a show can come on at 3 a.m. and I can still see it any time I want.
I agree with you about TV. There are way too few good shows on nowadays.
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