Tuesday, November 20, 2007
Usually by this time I have already done a lot of packing in preparation for my winter stay in Florida. I like to start early because as I get older it takes longer and longer to accomplish whatever I have to do.

This season I have been so busy seeing all the men in my life, having one test after another and waiting for test results, it has put me way behind.

When I was younger I might have had one or two men in my life, now I have an internist, dentist, periodontist, pediotrist, gynecologist, gastroenterologest, oncologist and opthomologist. And that's only up North - In Florida I have a large group of men looking after me too.

I ship my car to Florida and pick-up day is November 29th. There 's a lot to do till then, meetings to attend, good-bye lunches and lots of phone calls to make.

The last few years I have been thinking, "maybe this will be the last year I go to Florida for the winter." It's such a big job to go and then it's another big job to return, then I get down there and have such fun in the sun, I forget about the hard time I have getting ready. Most of my friends still go south for the winter, if stayed here it would be a LONG LONELY winter.

One of the items I pack is a very large desk calender, I need one with very large squares because of all the activities that are available to me. Some days it's just nice to relax at the pool.

I have been going down south for many years now and it still surprises and delights me when I walk out of the theater or a restaurant in the evening and it is not cold or even chilly. Another plus for me is, it stays light longer then here in the East.

I'll be going to Florida as long as I keep going!

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MIllie, maybe some time you'll just decide to stay there all year!
There's much to be said for living year 'round in a warmer climate, but there's also much to be said for being where friends are. Hard choices.
Does it have to be a big production? Can't you just ship your car, pack a suitcase and go?

It must be nice to have all those men looking after you.
I like that your calendar has to have really big squares to accommodate all your activities!
plsyzkzkenju and joared

It would be easier to live in Florida all year round but my friends do what I do - they are just there in the winter.

When the time comes and I have to make a choice it would not be difficult, I'd stay up north. I have family here and none in Florida.


If you lived closer I would invite you for a cup of
tea and show you what I have to pack. I'm there for four months, sometimes it's cool, sometimes it rains and sometimes it's hot, bathing suits, sweat shirts, rain coat, dress shoes, casual shoes etc. etc

I always say, "I'll take less next year" but it never happens. ;-)

Yup, I need large squares because of all the activites - plus I write large. There's nothing small about me!
Hmm is that you sitting aloft the shoulders of that skiing hunk on the map cover ??? I thought so. KP.

That's not me sitting on that hunk's shoulders. I only wish!!! ;-) ;-) ;-)
I like that last sentence, Millie!
I also laughed a lot at all those men in your life. I'll have to list mine, but half or more of them are women
I like women doctors much better! ;)
Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving, didn't spend too much on Black Friday, and will have a pleasant and safe trip. Let me know when you are there!
Wow Millie ~ I know it has been a while since I've happened by here for a visit, however, it seems like just yesterday when I was reading your posts about getting ready for Florida! Btw, I have been here since last year, my friend :)
What I meant is that it seemed like just yesterday, when you were talking about going to Florida last year at this time--heh. I figure you know what I meant...
Have a good, safe trip, Millie!
Time for Florida again already?

I stayed home on Black Friday, don't like waiting in lines and crowds. I'll spend my money in
The few times that I've had lady doctors I do like them better, easier to talk to.
Leaving for Florida on Dec. 6th, probably make two posts before I take off.

Tracy and Mismell
It seems that way to me too, before I turn around it's time to get ready again.

Thanks for your good wishes.
Dear Millie,
Thank you for making me smile. Your blog continues to amaze me.
Here's wishing you sunny days in Florida and fun in the sun with your friends.
You have such wonderful adventures and I love reading them all.......
Bravo for you, Millie! I love your attitude. You're probably now in Florida, so hope you're settling in well.
I know what you're saying about all those men in your life....When I had my aunt living with me, I swear at least 3 times a week we were seeing one of those men.
And welcome back to the Sunshine State!
Hey Millie, If you thought just cross states was hard. My Mum has two friends called Arthur and Maureen who do 6 months in England and 6 months in Florida (on the Keys). I think they really enjoy the weather - miles better than here!

Happy Holidays!
Hi I wish I could be somewhere warm. I know in England it isn't that cold compared to some places but if it's not freezing it's raining! Florida sounds wonderful. I hope you have a fabulous time and also get a chance to relax. Sending lots of love and hugs
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