Wednesday, December 19, 2007
Life in the Fast Lane
Looks like I left Massachusetts just in time to avoid two big snow storms, lucky me! For the past two days we have had chilly weather but no snow. ;-)

The weathermen down here get very excited when they report the weather when it goes below 70 degrees. The other morning I did have to put the heat on, it was in the 40's but by the afternoon it was a sunny 65 degrees.

What have I been doing? I've been in the supermarket practically every day. When I get down here the cabinets and the refrigerator are bare. It seems to me that when the markets know the snowbirds have arrived they increase their prices. I guess that's the law of "supply and demand."

My Mah Jongg friends are here so we've had a few games and have managed to play outside in the sunshine.

I went to the movies the other day and saw, "No Country for Old Men." It has received rave reviews and has been nominated for a Golden Globe Award. Not in my book! It was a thriller movie and it had my heart beating fast most of the time. The actors did a fine job but there was just to much blood and guts for my taste. And that abrupt ending!! The audience walked out of the theatre not knowing what hit them.

If you do see the movie, I'd love to hear your impression.

This weekend will probably go see "August Rush." That did not get a great review but I have heard from several friends that it is "a must see movie."

Tomorrow going out to lunch with "the girls" and then to a book discussion group at the local library. The review will be on "Prior Bad Acts" by Tomi Hoag which I haven't read. Last season I went to several reviews given by Nora Naike and no matter what book she discusses, it's always interesting.

Last season one of the books she reviewed was "The Influenza Epidemic" and would you believe, it was a fascinating afternoon.

It never fails, every season when I come down here there are changes - stores open, stores close, restaurants open and restaurants close.

This season my very favorite sportswear shop has been sold. They have been in business for a million years and will be no longer!!! It was a small shop that gave you individual attention and made shopping for clothes a pleasant experience. Lots of ladies will miss "Flips."

Now for a problem that I have - I come down here with a large desk calender with BIG squares. I write LARGE and there just isn't enough room to accommodate what I have to write in that square. The only thing I came figure out to do is to be careful and write smaller.

What's a girl to do?

hooray! so happy to hear from you again! Glad you are settling in and can't wait to hear more!!!!!
Millie, maybe you need to go to an office supply store and buy a calendar book that has one whole page per day. Some of them aren't too expensive.

Sorry about your clothing store closing. I know you will find another favorite place, but it takes time.
It's good to be back.

Leave it to you Judy to come up with a good suggestion. Before I make that investment, I'll try to write smaller! ;-)

At first you gave me a great big laugh but, you know what, I'll have it in mind, just incase!!
Hi Millie,

I loved August Rush! Infact, I just told Grandma that she should go see it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and that you're enjoying the Florida weather.

I think it'a a good sign that you don't have enough room to write everything on your calendar. Shows you're enjoying yourself and keeping busy.
Millie, good to know you have settled fine!
You sure sound like a busy bee!
That's nice. Also nice to have escaped the snow storms!
I used to have the same problem with calendar books. Not anymore, as I use Google calendar!
Claude from Blogging in Paris
You are such a social butterfly and it's nice to see you enjoying yourself. Also glad you missed the snow up north!
And you're right...I do believe they jack those prices up when the snow birds arrive. Everybody complains about that.
Wanted to pop by and wish you a very joyful and happy holiday season.
All the best to you, Millie.
Glad you're warm, Millie!!! I keep thinking I need more sunshine.

Hope you're enjoying the holidays -- Happy Hanukkah -- and a wonderful 2008!
Millie, sometimes I wish I had your calendar problems. My social life needs a little elixer.
If you think I'm a busy bee you should hear what my YOUNGER friends are up to.

Wishing you a joyous Christmas and lots of success in the new year.
Enough of those rough seas. Wishing you smooth sailing this coming year. Enjoy the holidays

I think the Florida sunshine gives us the elixir we need to "live it up."
If I could bottle it up I would send you some.
Enjoy the holidays and have a drink on me.
You sound very, very busy, and I think that is absolutely the way life should be.

I read the book The Influenza Epidemic. It truly was fascinating and really a good read.
Hi Millie,

I enjoyed the segment on your blog this evening channel 7 news Los Angeles. You are so active for your age. I wish my aunt was a perky.
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