Wednesday, December 26, 2007
Trouble in Paradise
Mom and Sun

Hi Steve here again...

My mom's iBook can't renew it's DHCP lease.

Weird, I know.

So she can't get online to give you an update.

I contacted a local Mac expert down in Florida to give her a call.

She should be back online soon.

I am sorry, Millie! Hurry back.
Clint says over IM to me:

could be comcast. If she doesn't have any friend with computers to verify if they're seeing the same thing, I'd go pick up a linksys wireless router and set that up. That would give her wifi as well. You'll likely get better support from comcast having a router sitting in front of it than a mac.
then if she always gets good DHCP from the router but not from comcast it's definitely comcast's issue.
the new linksys's have a one touch setup button that'll work out of the box.
More from Twitter:

conniereece @stevegarfield Is your mom on DSL? Cable modem? Used to have the problem of DHCP hanging sometimes until ISP replaced modem. about 11 hours ago from web in reply to stevegarfield

conniereece @stevegarfield Is she really still using an iBook? Haven't made those in a while. There is often something the ISP can do to reset the DHCP. about 11 hours ago from web in reply to stevegarfield
Mom just called and said that brownouts on her area might be part of the problem.

A local computer user group person told my mom that it's a comcast problem.

That makes sense since when she is up here in Massachusetts she never has the problem.

What changed?

- Comcast Mass vs. Comcast Florida
- Different Modem
Hope you can get the problem solved soon, Millie. Looking forward to seeing you on line again.
Claude from Blogging in Paris
I miss you Millie
Comcast just told my mom:

"We don't know Macs"

they don't know how to tell her to manually add an IP address. they told her to call Apple

she called me

I showed her how to add an IP address

she's calling Comcast back...
We got an IP address to add manually.

Added it.

She's online!

Stupid Comcast.

I can not believe that their answer for Mac users is "We don't do Macs here." That is the worst customer support answer to give.

They could take ownership of the problem, see it through to solution, then they'd be able to help 100's of Mac users when they call with the same problem.

What am I missing here?
Dear Comcast,
This is how you add an IP address to a MAc.

Apple Menu>System Preferences>Network>

Show>Bulit-In Ethernet

Under Configure IPv4: click on 'DHCP with manual address'

Then enter the address...
Thank you, Steve for updating us! And hurry back, Millie!!!
I'm sure that Steve will get this all figured out even if he has to knock some heads together! I'll just go make another pot of tea and wait. :-)
Well, all we have to do now is wait for Millie to post :)

Here too, you often come across replies like comcast's! :(

Claude from Blogging in Paris
Hi to all my blogging friends:

At this moment my computer is working! at this point I don't trust it, let's see how long it will last.

Peggy: you better have that cup of tea now, it still might take a while.

I live in hope!!
HAPPY NEW YEAR, MILLIE. I hope you'll be back up and running soon - we miss your voice.

Best wishes for a sensational 2008.
Ronni from Time Goes By
Happy New Year to you, Millie, but sure hope you're able to get back on the computer soon.
Steve, computers are ALWAYS a problem when you don't want them to be! Happy New Year to you and your Mom!
Dang, Millie! You've got to be in secere withdrawal! I'm getting there too, 'cause I miss your wonderful posts!!

Happy New Year!!!!
I'm really sorry to hear about your computer problems, Millie. Hope it's all resovled soon.
Wanted to pop by and wish you a very Happy New Year. Wishing you all good things in 2008. And sure hope to see you back here very soon.
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