Sunday, February 24, 2008
Straight Flush

Once a month I get together with some friends for a card game. The group consists of three couples and two single ladies. We meet in the afternoon, play for a while, take a break, have some light refreshments , play again and then we go out to dinner..

This month it was my turn to hostess the afternoon. I don't have to cook anything but I do have to plan on serving fruit, provide cold drinks and have some goodies. It's no big deal but I have to buy more of everything that I do not ordinarily have at home.

The night before our get together I received a call from the single lady who said she wasn't feeling well and could not make it. that was ok because I still had seven people coming.

The next morning I received a call from a couple, the lady of the house had a stiff neck and was not able to play.

That left me with two couples. That meant there were only going to be five people playing cards.

We play "3-14" which is a card game that is more fun when played with a large group so we decided to call off the game and just go out to dinner and come back to my place for dessert.

Good decision, yes? Yes, but the weather man didn't cooperate. We started to hear warnings about a possible TORNADO coming into the area. That took care of that. No card game , no dinner out and no one coming back to my place afterwards.

And you want to laugh, there was no tornado, just very heavy rain!

The next day one of my friends called last minute and asked if I wanted to join them for a movie - "Yes, sure." I quickly made a light supper and before you know it, they picked me up and it didn't take too long before my friend said she didn't feel well and had to go back home. So, no movie.

Just so you know, it's not all peaches and cream down here. ;-)

Millie I love your blog. You seem to be a riot. I am going to send your blog link to my mom, she is a riot too.
MIllie, it is a shame that all your weekend plans fizzled due to other people not feeling well. I think you need younger friends!! Come to NC, and we will fix you up with a lot of them!
Not all peaches and cream, indeed. Sometimes solitaire is all that's possible...
Hi Millie, This is abe babbitt getting a computer lesson from Susan Berlan. We are expecting rain instead of snow this time. How is the weather in Florida? See you soon.

Judy, you gave me a good laugh! As a matter of fact the people that fizzled out on me are younger!

Unfortunately, it doesn't matter how old you are, I guess you just have to be lucky and have good health but thanks for the offer, anyway!! ;-)


You know what , sometimes I just take off for the day myself - doing what I want when I want can be a good thing. I wouldn't want it as a regular diet but sometimes "solitare" is just what the doctor ordered.

Hi Abe

It was great receiving your comment! You have a great instructor in Susan. Keep up the good work!

Today's weather is record breaking, it's in the high 80's. Weather man says we're going to have a cold spell Thursday - in the 30's and 40's.

No wonder I have to pack all kinds of clothes when I come down here.

Oh yes, and I've worn my raincoat more times than ever.

Regards to all.
I saw those cards -- pretty good hand -- I thought you'd been playing strip poker again with the gang, but what you write is serious stuff. Couldn't help myself though, I laughed. Sorry you were disappointed about the tornado. Maybe another day.(Let's hope not, really.)
how do you play 3-14? I have never heard of it.
We have a saying in French, which says that there are days when you'd better stay in bed. Yours was one of those days!
Were you left stranded with all the extra stuff you had bought for your guests?
I am totally hopeless at cards games except for solitaire! So I couldn't have been of much help ;)

Yes, I was stuck with a lot of fruit and candy. The candy was no problem, I just kept eating it until I made "all gone."

On the other hand I gave some of the fruit to my neighbor and was able to polish off the rest.

So far no one has suggested a date for our next meeting!

I wonder why?
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hopping to get an answer from you soon,
I am happy that you remained the "Last one standing" when all the others dropped by the wayside.
Ah....the best laid plans.
But it sounds like you made the best of it.
Weather in Florida has been crazy this winter, hasn't it? Just like across the country. I'd have to say it's the coldest winter I can remember. But the good news, Millie, is that we don't have to shovel it!
Thank you so much for your good wishes and congrats about my two-book contract.
Count your blessings--you weren't ill and there was no tornado.
So how much longer before you pack up and come back north?

That day I met the challenge and kept on standing but somedays I would rather sit.

The other day I was at dentist and it was great just "sitting" in the chair, didn't have to do anything.

Imagine being happy at the dentist's office!!


Yes, we were lucky, no tornado but we have had very heavy rain this season.

Terri from Islandwriter had a good point, "At least we didn't have to shovel it."

I'll be heading north the end of April. It will be time to pack before I know it!
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