Monday, February 18, 2008
Since I'm not sure this post will get posted I'm going to keep it short.

I had planned to write in detail about two movies that I saw recently but instead I'm just write a little about each one.

The Bucket List - It's advertised as a comedy - I felt it was more of a drama with just a little humor.
After seeing that movie I wanted to see something light, funny and romantic - 27 Dresses fit the bill.

I've been eating out a lot - going out to lunch and dinner at some very fine restaurants but let me tell you about the best and most enjoyable meal I've had recently.

My friends and I went to a new restaurant in town, Delancey St. Deli and Restaurant. On our table were buckets of all you can eat half sour pickles and cole slaw, delicious.

We each ordered the hot cornbeef and tongue sandwich served on the best white rye bread I have ever eaten. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it!

As Jacke Gleason would say, "How sweet it is."

White rye bread? I never saw that, Millie. I want to see both those movies, and I am glad to know ahead of time that the Bucket List is not all comedy.
Gosh, I must be out of the movie I haven't heard of either of these movies.
Sounds like you're having a jolly good time back in Florida. That's great, Millie! Keep enjoying.
We need a good deli in Boston.
I think the concept of 'Bucket List' is a great idea for a movie. May be I'll manage to get out and see it.

You are right Judy, I should have typed LIGHT rye. It's been so long since I had that type of bread I forgot what you call it!! I must be getting old. ;-)

Yup, I'm glad I prepared you for what you are going to see.

It's really a comedy/drama.

The guys in the Bucket List know that they have a short time to live so they make a list of all the things they want to do before D Day.

27 Dresses is a fun movie that I think "The Red Hat Ladies" would enjoy.

Lot's to enjoy down here!

I agree with you 100% - Every so often someone opens a deli in my neighborhood up North and for some reason they do not make a go of it.

I wish!

What's on your Bucket List?
Glad to hear your reaction to The Bucket List as I had thought I might be interested in seeing it. We'll see.

I've been eating out a lot, too, but food and restaurants all seem quite ordinary. The good deli we had, closed a few years ago, and I sure miss it.

Glad I reviewed some earlier posts I missed and found out about the Shingles Shot. Doesn't seem fair that only Medi "D" patients can receive reimbursement.
I had read about "27 Dresses" and I want to see it. Sounds cute and light and fun.
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