Sunday, April 27, 2008
Even though I did not experience a change in a time zone I'm having severe jet lag.

Mom's Home buying Jazz Apples!

When Steve picked me at the airport on Tuesday I was just fine. We went out to dinner and then did some food shopping. The next day I was walking around the house like a zombie, couldn't do much of anything. I know from experience the first few days It takes time to find the light switches, the cabinets where I keep the dishes, glasses, pots and pans.

Not that I'm going to cook anything. :-)

The car transport company called Wednesday and made a date to deliver my car on Thursday morning. I got in touch with my maintenace man and arranged for him to unload my car. He brings the things up in no time but for me it represents a "big job." So far I have unpacked two large cartons containing lots of paper work and surplus supplies and one duffel bag. There are three duffel bags sitting patiently on my bedroom floor waiting for my attention.

There are also a number of garment bags hanging in my closet containing summer clothes, no problem with those bags, I'll take things out as I need them. Some clothes get pretty wrinkled in transit, rather then iron them, I'll put them in the washer, easier then spending time ironing.

Friday I didn't do much around the house - went to the supermarket and did another big shopping. When I came home checked my mail - and there was a raft of mail that had been forwarded from Florida. At least that's one job that I can do sitting down!

Saturday I received a phone call from one of my friends - would I like to join her for a movie and dinner? With all the work that I have to do I should have said, "I'll take a rain check" but no, I said "yes."

We went to see "Flawless" starring Demi Moore and Michael Caine. Anything with Michael Caine is worth seeing! Demi Moore did a fine job too. The only thing I have to say about her is, in the opening scene they show her as an older woman. What ghastly makeup!!

Today I'm feeling I little more like myself and have been doing a little something, tomorrow I should finally get to those duffel bags.

This morning I had a call from a cousin that came home the same day that I did. We compared notes about how we were doing and what laughs we had! It made me feel good to know that I'm perfectly normal and that's the way it is when you get back home after being away for several months.

Welcome back! We're getting some good weather in Boston finally!
Hello Millie. I'm new to your blog and love it (I subscribed to it in my GoogleReader). Maybe it's the gentle day to day living that warms my heart, but I look forward to your posts.
Millie, I have no doubt that you'll be back to normal in a day or two. I enjoy your posts too.
Hello Millie. I am also new to your blog (and blogging) and enjoy reading about your life.
You are an inspiration to this blogging novice.
So pleased to hear you are home safely. The longest I've been away is two weeks and it took ages to become re-acclimatised so I think you're doing really well.
welcome back to east coast sanity. does this mean you're no longer a snow bird till next winter ?

Boy Millie,

When we go on vacation for a week I come home and fee exhausted for days. I think you are fine and dandy! :-)
Glad you made it back home. I think going to the movie was a wise choice despite leaving at home things to do. I'm a Michael Caine fan, too, and hope to see this movie soon.

I saw "21" last week and tapped into a memory from the '50s.
When I came home it was in the 70's. Nice -
Today it's raining - home doing laundry - tomorrow is another day.

Glad to hear you enjoy my posts.

You were right - it took just about a week for me to feel back to normal.

bear naked
What a great blog you have, and you say you are new at it! Love those bears!

mom with brownies and sablonnease
No matter how long the trip is, it just takes time to get back to everyday living.
I remember when I was working, going on vacation for a week and than having to go back to work - those first few days were difficult. Haven't thought about that in a long time.

The only travel plans I have now is going down the street and around the corner. This bird is not flying anywhere for a long time!

So you like Michael Caine too. Remember Van Heflin, I liked his looks and his voice. Never went for the Robert Taylor or Tyrone Power looks!
Glad to hear you are back in your Northern home and feeling fine.
Glad to see that you made it back in good shape, Millie. Travel is hard on a body! Especially since you live two quite different lives in your two homes.
Cop Car
Glad you are back to your Northern home. I don't know how you do it. I would have left half of what I needed back in Florida and probably never missed it.

The birds who migrate as you do have it easy. They don't have to pack up their nests. They just fly away home.

cop car
I'm starting to see the light of day, just a few more things to put away, wash, iron and sort papers.

I should be done by the time I'm ready to go again. ;-)

Aha! - so that's what they mean when they say, "he's a lucky bird."
I am stopping by your blog for the first time and enjoying it!
Millie, you sure look good!
It's good to know that you're back home and safe. There's only one thing that I hate as much as packing, it's unpacking!
I always admire you travelling back and forth like this.
I think you are weathering the storms of aging better than I am. We are the same age and you look years younger and, apparently, have more energy than I do.

I went on a 4 day trip to the Grand Canyon in March and was exhausted for a week after returning home. I am going to Colorado Springs in September for my H. S. 65th reunion. I could sure use some pointers on how to survive the trip and look as fresh as you do. Darlene

If I took a four day trip to the Rockies I'd be wiped out for days too.

I wish there was a tip I could give you - the only thing I can tell you is, " get someone with a good camera to take your picture." LOL
Hi Millie,
I'm new to your blog.I saw it yesterday only but I love it very much.Till now I never had any interest in blogging but as soon as i saw yours i opened my account.I loved the post Six Happiness Tips( Give yourself permission to be human was marvelous).I'm waiting for your posts. :)
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