Sunday, June 08, 2008
I was running low on my favorite shampoo and went to the store looking to buy the same product. Low and behold the manufacturer had the same product in a NEW container with a different type of cap.

When you click on the video you'll get "the rest of the story."

One thing I did not mention in the video is this - I called the 800 number on the back of the bottle in order to speak to a customer service person. My main goal was to let them know the problem I had with the new cap.

I explained, she listened, asked for my name and address and said she would send me a coupon for a free bottle of shampoo.

Ok, a free coupon is fine but that is not what I was looking for.

Apparently she's just there to say, "sorry" and send out coupons.

Maybe what I should do is try that number again and ask for "Quality Control. I'm trying to alert them to a problem!

Proctor and Gamble Aussie Shampoo

Watch more I Can't Open Videos.

Millie, you are a riot! Use another shampoo; I recommend Pantene!
Hi Millie:) First of all, I love your blog. Your stories are the best! These are "safety" caps. I'm not sure why they feel the need to keep shampoo safe. I guess some shampoos smell good enough to eat and there are kids who just might try that. My website has safety products that I can assure you are much more senior "user friendly" so stop by and check them out. You might even have a story or two to share after you visit. My Dad was feeling vulnerable, living alone and with no self protection so I bought him a stun gun from my site. I could just tell from the look on his face when I handed it to him that he was eager to try it out and I didn't want to be his target! One push on the trigger let him know it was live and ready to go. Very user friendly!
What really gets me is what they call "safety" means that if you are not a man, there's no way you can open it.
The stuff I hate most is when it's packed in a blister. Then, not only do you need scissors, but you also need to be strong enough to rip it apart!
Excellent video and excellent point, like always.
Millie, I had the exact same problem with my shampoo bottles.
The only way I can use them is to have my husband open them and to leave them open for me.
It is VERY frustrating isn't it.
I have broken nails many times also trying to open things.
Millie,I have the answer to yur shampoo problems,,,,,,take an empty soft soap bottle(with a pump of course), fill it with shampoo, and leave it in your shower and when you need it, just give a little pump!!

Hope this helps!!!
Lisa Collins (
Not exactly on the topic of bad packaging, but do you watch the show, "Dirtiest Jobs" with hunky guy, Mike Rowe?

He was taping a show about a company, terressentials.
They have shampoo made from special mud. For real - wash your hair in mud.
Millie I have the same problem with the just squeeze and it will pop open products. Also the Tylenol bottle where you have to line up the raised plastic on the cap with the raised plastic on the bottle and then push up on the cap. First both raised parts have the same color has the cap or the bottle so you have to take a marker pen to highlight those spots in order to see them to align them correctly. That done you have to the strength In your thumbs to be able to push up. Heaven forbid if one of the marks is the least bit off center!
have the same shampoo and even tried using my teeth once :( now i just keep the lid open (not all the way, just a little)... once it gets closed all the way though it's SUPER hard to get open again!!
You have to be Mighty Mouse to open some of those things.

To open some of them you need to use a crow bar!!
Every bottle and jar that is hard to open should come with a muscle man, handsome preferably, that we can stick in a closet and pull out just to help us open things.
Millie I understand your frustration.

Not too long ago I had reached the boiling point with Nabisco Ice Cream Cones. Everytime I bought a box they were all broken and crumbley.

So I called the Nabisco number on the box.
Got the same story you got...sorry.. and she sent me a coupon
Millie, you are a riot!...I think it's like childproof takes a 5 year old to figure out how to open it! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I always love hearing from you.
Hi Millie, You are so entertaining. I really enjoy your style and all your stories. They make my day. You are a NATURAL! NGB
cowtowne pattie
Now I've heard everything- I've heard of using BEER as a shampoo but never MUD! One thing I have to say for MUD, it doesn't come in a bottle.

A while back someone suggested taking the bottle you can't open and asking the pharmisist to put item in a different type of bottle.

I've had that problem too but I happen to like the crunch so I mix it into the ice cream.

Jeffrey & sarah
whatever you do , don't use your teeth to open a bottle. I broke a nail, that's bad enough - but if you break a tooth, it won't grow back. ( unless you are a youngster! ;-)

I like yiour idea of having a handsome muscle man in your closet and taking him out when you need him!! Brilliant!! are such a treasure! I never fail to laugh when I see your videos. You might not "mean" to be comical....but you sure always bring a smile to my face.
Hope all is well with you.
That was really funny but also so true. I have trouble with bleach (disinfectant) bottles here. I need my son to undo it them for me.
Why is it that they put so many feminine products in hard to open containers??
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