Saturday, August 09, 2008
When I was a child growing up in a city that was near a wonderful beach there was competition among my friends, " who would go to the beach the most times." We had to take the street-car to get there, it was always jam packed and hot but that was the price we had to pay for a day at the beach.

Now when summer rolls around I have another goal - I count the times I have lobster!! So far this summer I've had lobster three times.

Robyn with a lobster
Robyn with a lobster by ilkerender, on Flickr

The first time, I bought a lobster at the supermarket - they steam it for you and all you have to do is take it home and enjoy!

Lobster Shack - Lunch
Lobster Shack - Lunch by VirtualErn, on Flickr

The second time my friends and I picked up lobster rolls at a fish market and had them for lunch before a matinee performance of "Bye Bye Birdie." We got to the theater early so we able to buy "rush seats." The lobster rolls were delicious and the play was our dessert.

Clam Bake!
Clam Bake! by andrewyang, on Flickr

Recently I went on a day trip to York, Maine with a group of seniors. I had never been to York but what really appealed to me was they were featuring a lobsterbake at Foster's Downeast Clambake. You name it they had it. Clam chowder, steamed mussels and clams, lobster, corn on the cob, red potatoes and even an onion that they tell me - lets them know when the lobster is ready. Dessert was a blueberry cobbler which is a Maine specialty.

The flyer said a floor show would be included - Yes, they had a guy singing while we were eating, after a while he made an announcement that the expected band could not make it. SO, he asked for volunteers from the audience and gave each person a makeshift instrument.

You know what, i don't think the band ever shows up, it was corny but gave us lots of laughs.

Finally we did have a handsome young man sing, he had a great voice, told a few funny stories and rounded out the afternoon.

I was so bent on telling you about the number of times I've had lobster this season that I left out another very enjoyable part of the day.

When we arrived at the restaurant the staff was still setting up and could not seat us for a good half hour. We had to kill time so what better way was there but to take a ride around the area. What an opportunity that was!!

York Beach Roses
York Beach Roses by .RockNRepublic06., on Flickr

We got to see the beautiful beach, the lovely cottages, the hotels, motels, trailer parks and the small downtown.

I had a bonus that day, the beach that I love and my favorite summer meal!!

Millie, I love lobster most of every food!! And I have not had any at all in the past 2 years, except I had lobster rolls once. It is way too expensive down here! You are so lucky!
It's my favorite meal too, Millie, all year round now that I live in Maine. Now, all those photos of luscious lobster - guess what I'm planning for one dinner this week.
Sounds like a most wonderful day! Lucky you! We all need more days like that.
Millie, I'm a week early, but happy birthday to a fellow octogenarian blogger. (If I had waited for the actual birth date, I might have forgotten it by then.)
I love lobster, too, Millie but usually can't afford it. How lucky you are!!!!
To have two of your favorite things on the same day has to count as an early birthday present. So like Mortart I will wish you early too. Lets see you are going to be 39 right?
And to think, I've had lobster maybe three times in my life. Last time I priced it (which was over 15 yrs ago), it was £ 6.60 a pound that's the = of $ 13. Who knows what it costs now ?
What a great trip. I have been to Main once, tried Lobster. not my favorite, but enjoyed the experience!
kenju, kay and keith
Lobsters are plentiful on the east coast this season so prices have come down.

They have been on sale at the supermarket for as little as $5.99 lb. The only problem I had the day I bought mine was there were lots of people ahead of me waiting to have their lobsters steamed.

I put my order in and was told to come back in an hour. I did my food shopping and when I came back the lobster was ready for me.

Aren't we lucky we live on the east coast and can indulge ourselfs with a food we love!

All birthday wishes are welcome - early - on time or late!!
Thanks, fellow octogenarian.

Thanks for your birthday wishes. You asked the question - are you going to be 39? I'd say I'm closer to 93!! ;-)

To bad you didn't care for the lobster but as you said you enjoyed Maine. Experiencing the east coast is special, especially since you live in Colorado.
Hi Millie, I would like a lobster roll just like the one you have on your Blog. It looks delicious!
Actually every day is a special event so...Celebrate Life! L'Chaim! Nanci B
For some reason my comment didn't get posted so I will try again.

Lobster is my absolute favorite food, but at the prices we have to pay here I never have it. I have only had a whole lobster twice in my life. Lobster tails have to suffice when I do have it.
Millie, thanks for the memories! It's well over 35 years since I moved from the northeast and I still remember the clambakes and summer along the Maine coast or on Cape Cod. Tis a bit different here on the left coast. :~D
I really like lobster also but since my doctor has told me that I must lower my cholesterol level I have had to give it up.
If after a few more months I can get the level down then I will reward myself with one lobster meal per year.
And I will so enjoy it!

Bear((( )))
Like Keith, I've only eaten lobster a few times in my whole life so this post made my mouth water. Glad you had such a super day out.
Lobster is my favourite whenever I am lucky enough to be in the Boston area. I did have some with my friends Bob and Norma almost two years ago.
And also with Ronni, actually! Such a profusion of it.
I was glad to see your post about York. Buck & I will be in York in a few weeks for a reunion with his niece (1st time they've seen each other in more than 50 years!) -- then we'll go on to Bass Harbor, Maine where we've rented a house in-between the local lobster pound and a book store. My idea of heaven.
Oops, Millie -- Cubagirl is one of my family nicknames -- that link will inadvertently take you to an old inactive blog. I'll sign off here with the (correct) current one. . . (nothing in the internet ever goes away -- are you familiar with the Internet Archive? It's amazing -- helped me to rebuild an old blog I had wrongly abandoned.)
Millie, what a fun blog you have! I am so jealous of your lobster feast...

I think blogging was invented for you (unless you actually invented blogging?) Thanks for your writing, it's so much fun to read.
Hi Millie, I love your blog! I was looking to share some interesting blog stories with a group I run with seniors. Not only is your blog funny and wonderful, but I was delighted to see you featured my friend Ilker's photo of my friend Robyn at the supermarket. Small world! Consider us your friends from Toronto : ))))
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