Thursday, October 09, 2008
A few weeks ago I was having a conversation with a friend about my blog. Her reaction was, "what a wonderful hobby you have." I've been thinking about what she said ever since.

I never thought of my blog as a hobby.

The definition of the word HOBBY is:
"A subject or activity pursued for pleasure rather than for payment."
That's all well and good but I think there is more to blogging than that.

Day 2 - Create
Day 2 - Create by catheroo, on Flickr CC BY-NC-SA

When I hear the word hobby I think of activities like stamp collecting, knitting, painting, arts and crafts and lots of similar solitary activites. There are hobbies like tennis and golf where several people participate.

Blogging is a solitary activity but it reaches out to people.

2008 TFTTF Portland Maine Group Shot 2
2008 TFTTF Portland Maine Group Shot 2 by CC Chapman, on Flickr CC BY-NC-SA

So I looked up the word AVOCATION:
"An occupation or hobby that one has in addition to one's regular work or profession."
NO - that's not it either.

Maybe we have to invent a new word to describe what we do. Any ideas?

I have to give this one some thought. There are days when blogging feels like a vocation. Other times it feels like an obsession. If I can thing of an appropriate term I will get back to you.
I know what you're getting at here Millie. There's something about the word "hobby" that diminishes whatever it is that you're doing. Like it's frivolous and unimportant.

As an actor, writer, podcaster in Los Angeles, most of what I do could be called hobbies because I'm usually not getting paid.

For many people, making money is what separates the hobbyist or amateur from the pros.

I think the key is to own what you do.

You are a writer.

The Hollywood Podcast
I tend to use the word "passion" instead of hobby when talking about things like this. Was actually contemplating a blog post about this so maybe now I should!
Writing can be a hobby too, Millie, especially if you aren't being paid for it. It seems to be my passion; not only writing, but reading all the blogs on my list as often as possible.
It's my addiction!!! LOL
Blogging is a pursuit, a part-time occupation, a second job.
I agree with Kay.
Blogging has become my addiction.
It is gathering aound the virtual water cooler and discussing and sharing what has been happening in our lifes.
We are sharing with our friends in the blogosphere; what we are thinking, what we have been doing and our opinions on current affairs.
It's the best thing that has happened since sliced bread. LOL

Bear((( )))
While I love reading the blogs and the comments from bloggers, I honestly think I would write even if there were no would not be as enjoyable and I would not write as often...but it is the words that get me going. So for me it is therapy.
I would just say an important part of my life. I've been doing this for 4 years and although at times, I want to rest, there are all those friends I've made on-line, whether I've actually met them, like you, Millie, or whether they are blogging friends.
Hobby doesn't sound right, addiction,yes, sometimes, it is. ;)
I think blogging means different things to different people so you can't really describe it in a single word. What matters is that we enjoy doing it and meeting interesting people.
By the way I loved the idea of a basket of flipflops at the wedding - never seen that before!
Today blogging feels like a job. An unpaid job, unfortunately.

I think mine is a work in progress so maybe that would be my description.
To call it a hobby feels like it gets put in the craft cupboard along with scrapbooking. It minimises the success you've had. I mean c'mon! Remember when that hunky soap star sang happy birthday to you a couple of years ago? You've had tv spots! You're in the big leagues Millie!

There is a blogging friend of mine who is very academic and blows me with her word power, someone is a retired journalists and the clarity of the writing is amazing and the sharpness is still aparent. There is one young lass whose unpolished talent is huge and I can't wait for fame to find her. We're writers. We may be mostly amateurs with varying degrees of talent but we ARE writers. :-)
Thanks to all of you who gave their thoughts about what blogging is - like Sablonneuse said, it means different things to different people.

Yes, it can be an obsession, addiction, and a passion. As Tabor said it can also be "therapy" even if no one reads your post.

I especially liked what Tom and Sablonneuse said, "We are writers!"

Dear Millie, In my opinion I feel that you have started a new journey, a WAY OF LIFE: Meeting new friends, communicating all over the world, able to express your thoughts to them and everyone talks to you. How wonderful and fantastic that you have filled your life with so many Blessings!
I am so lucky to share this new WAY OF LIFE with you!
Thank You. Your friend, Nanci
Why did I think I had commented on this already?
To me blogging has become such a part of my life that it's hard to talk about it like a hobby. It's part of my life, even if and when I feel I have not much to post about or wonder about stopping. Even if I stopped blogging altogether, I would go on reading blogs.
Plus the fact that I have developped friendships in the blogosphere. So it's more than just a hobby or a habit, it's got to do with my social life, too.
Don't have any brilliance to share, but I enjoyed reading all the comments and the post as well. The thing that bothers me about the word "hobby" is that it suggests "time filler", albeit an activity that results in producing something, and I think blogging is about much more than that.
great question - and I honestly don't know. I wouldn't call it a hobby, it's writing but not really writing as in fiction, poetry, even personal essays. It's almost like a letter to the world, a hopeful paper in a bottle perhaps. You don't know who's going to see it, you send it out anyway. I do know that I wish it had been around when my children were young... I would have really loved that connection.
just a quick note - knitting isn't a solitary activity anymore I am going to a retreat for knitters and spinners, and I belong to 2 knitting circles in my local area, and there are quite a few online communities for knitters ...
More great comments:

My friend Nanci said it's "a way of life." True!

Susan said it's " a letter to the world." ( I really liked that one)

Rho called my attention to the fact that I said knitting was a solitary pursuit - not anymore - there are lots of knitting circles.

For all you knitters out there - have you read "The Friday Night Knitting Club" by Kate Jacobs?

Even if you are not a knitter, it's a great read!
Interesting thoughts about blogging Millie. thanks.
Blobby - An activity performed online combining socialising, passion and self expression. A blobbyist may or may not be paid for what they do, regardless of the level of their professionalism.

How about that, Millie? :D I am a first time visitor, but I think you got me addicted!

My word, you've got it!! I think that is a great word and will introduce it to my fellow bloggers which I will now refer to as "Blobby's.

So glad you stopped by.

Welcome!! ;-)
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