Sunday, July 26, 2009
My Mom's Cookies

Millie opens a box of cookies and finds that the cookies inside the box don't look like the photo of the cookies on outside of the box.

Consumer product companies need to design packaging that fairly depicts what the consumer is getting, for both senior citizens and the general public.


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I would have been proud to display those cookies on a plate had they been the size of the one depicted on the box. But as it is I would also feel cheated. To show texture is a sad excuse and to find that explanation in such small print shows a deliberate cya! I certainly hope they tasted good Millie!
Another terrific video, Millie. You're right - a LOT of packaging misrepresents what's inside.
You are such a smart cookie! I have seen those boxed cookies and now I know that the box is more inviting than the product!
I do hope they tasted good, Millie. It isn't right for companies to try and get away with something like that, but they do. I once read a blog post about how some fast food didn't resemble the picture of it at all. We should always let the company know we don't appreciate their tactics!
What fun to see you, Millie! And what shame for that company for falsely advertising these cookies.
Sadly, their marketing worked. You bought them!
To One and ALL

Here's an update:

I E-Mailed the company and have not received a reply.

I was unhappy with the looks and size of the cookie and the way they tasted SO I returned them to the store. When I explained why I was returning them the person at the courtesy desk could care less.

I got a refund but I really wanted the company to know why I was so unhappy about my purchase.

No one seemed to care.
Hi Millie, Another spectacular production on a timely issue. I find the products are smaller than before in the same packaging but the price is the same or slightly higher.
It seems nothing is real anymore in the grocery store. The bottom line is PROFIT! Example; 1 lb. of coffee is in a 12oz.bag. Tuna fish. can is now 5oz.instead of 6oz.
Keep up the good investigative reporting!! good luck Nanci
Misleading advertising is the name of the game now. I wonder what ever happened to truth in advertising.

You are so beautiful, Millie and you look ten years younger than I do. We are the same age so I want to know your secret.

Thanks for the compliment -

First off - I dye my hair

Second - maybe it's Avon's Rich Moisture cream I have used for years.

and most important of all - I inherited my mother's genus.
Thanks for posting this. I have almost bought those cookies many times (at my grocery they also put them on the top shelf like they are extra-special). I'm sure if I had company coming it would not have been too hard to talk myself into buying them.

Now I know!

PS I agree with the comments that you look GREAT! (Or gr8 -right?)
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Let us know what they have to say when you call. I will be very curious. Thank goodness, for folks like you, who are willing to stand up and say, "This is not right."
Millie, I love your comments! I just discovered your site an I will be reading it!
Yeah I too feel that the box is more inviting than the product!!!! lol!!

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