Sunday, August 16, 2009
It seems like just yesterday that I celebrated a birthday and here I am again. This one doesn't end in a 0 or a 5 but at this age, any birthday is special. On second thought, no matter what your age, it should be a time to celebrate.

When I was a child it was rare that anyone's birthday was celebrated. My parents were working hard just to make a living, putting food on the table, paying the rent and everyday expenses. There were no frills - with a few exceptions.

I do remember the Friday night dinners which welcomed the Sabbath and the families getting together for the Jewish High Holy Days. My mother made everything herself, and I do mean everything! She made the challah, gefilite fish, horseradish, noodles, chicken soup, chopped liver, roast chicken and a delicious strudel for dessert.

Many times I would ask her, "how do you make the dough for the strudel?" Her answer was, "put in just enough" Whatever she made, it was always "put just enough." - no recipe. That didn't work for me until I started reading cookbooks. As time went by I too learned to cook and "put in just enough!"

Now, getting back to the present time, my birthdays usually turns out to be like a "Greek Weding."

Tonight I'll be doing something that I have been looking forward to for a long time, I'm going to see "Jersey Boys". Ever since "Jersey Boys" opened in New York, that's the play I've wanted to see. Well, it's here in Boston and I'll be seeing it tonight!!!

Years ago when Boston was a try out city and the price of tickets was reasonable I got to see many productions and even got to see some of the actors backstage. It was an exciting time.

Well, I'm going to have some of that excitement tonight!

Happy Birthday Millie! I am following your son, Steve on Twitter (I am @digitalfemme). He shared this link with us on Twitter and announced that it was your birthday today. I agree, no matter what age you are, Birthday's are always special. I love how you are blogging too! I hope you enjoy your day .. and your show. *hugs*.

Happy Birthday, MomsGarfield! :D
Happy Birthday, Millie. I had the pleasure of meeting you at PodCampBoston a couple of years ago. Enjoy the day, and esp. the play tonight.

Joe Cascio
HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, Millie! Hope you had a great time at the play.
Happy Birthday Millie - my philosophy about Birthdays has been that the longer I live the longer I celebrate - I figure by the time I am 90 I will be celebrating for the full year - to heck with the folks who try to hide the years and age - I figure I earned each white hair and wrinkle I have (even at 56-totally white hair and luckily not too many wrinkles yet - other than laugh lines) and I'm having too much fun to worry about covering them up :D

Hope you had the best of days!
Happy Birthday! I have seen "Jersey Boys" twice and it is one of my favorites. Thanks for the clip. I loved it too. Also saw and enjoyed "Julia and Julie" We must have similar tastes.
Happy Birthday, Millie!! My daughter saw Jersey Boys on Broadway and said it is excellent!! I know you'll enjoy it.
Happy Birthday Millie - I'm still here reading. KP
Happy Birthday. Is it intimidating to be an inspiration to all of us bloggers.
A very happy birthday to you. Hope the hot weather doesn't get in the way of you having a great day.
Happy Birthday Millie. May you have many many more. Oh, and BTW, I loved Julie & Julia too!
Happy birthday, Millie!
Happy, happy birthday to you, all the way from Oman. Hope you have a wonderful year ahead & the best of everything.
God bless!
Happy Birthday :-)
Happy Birthday. Hope you have a great day. Love you blog
Thank you for sharing your voice and your stories with all of us! Happy birthday Mamma Garfield!
I, too, am following your son, Steve on Twitter (I am @alphapie). When he mentioned your blog, I had to go take a look and I love your comments and perspective on life. I hope you have a fantastic birthday! Will be reading you regularly from now on.
Happy Birthday Millie! I was a student of your son at Boston University. Congrats to you on your special day.
Happy Birthday!

Like Carmen, I am following Steve on Twitter - @moonmaeven

I agree, it doesn't matter the age, only that you can spend it in the company of friends and family :)

Have a great day, and best wishes!
One day late, but Happy Birthday Millie. I love birthdays because they remind me to call friends and family and tell them I love them. How was Jersey Boys?
Happy Birthday from Singapore!!
Have a wonderful birthday Millie! I wrote about you last summer and it has been a joy to follow your online exploits directly, and vicariously through Steve. He is so proud of you, and so are all your readers and viewers. Have a GREAT day!

Warm regards,
Jeff Sass

Thoroughly Modern Millie
Happy Birthday Millie. I really enjoy your stories... especially about the strudel recipe. My bube won a pie baking contest on the radio many years ago... when they asked her how she made it, she just rattled off ingredients. The man said... "but how much of each thing?" Bube Sarah replied. I don't know, I just schütten a little this and schütten a little that.... Well on the radio, schütten sounded a little to much like a four-letter word in english. Needless to say, she never won another contest on the radio. Thanks for the memories!
Happy birthday, Millie! I hope you had a great time at Jersey Boys. Here's to another year of great times!
Happy Birthday, Millie! Have a wonderful time (and eat lots of cake!)
Have a thoroughly modern birthday, Millie! Keep on blogging...
Happy Birthday!!!!
Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday -- and many more!
Happy birthday, Millie!
Happy Birthday Millie!! Have a beautiful day, a happy year, and many many more birthdays to come!! Have a great time at the play! I'm so envious!! I've seen your photos before so I guess I might have wished you a Hoppy Birthday before - I'm one of Kimberly's friends on Ravelry and FaceBook! :)
May you have a Very Happy Birthday, Millie!
Wishing you a very happy (albeit belated) birthday. I hope your choice of celebration was just what was needed to bring a smile to your face, and that there was some strawberry shortcake somewhere along the way. Here's to another year of storytelling!
Happy Birthday, Millie! I sure love following your blog and Steve's. We used to live in Boston and now live in Phoenix. I enjoy your stories so very much!
Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a grand time, dear Millie. Looking forward to tomorrow.
Happy Birthday Millie -- and let there be many more!
Happy ,happy birthday to you
dear Millie.
You are a pip!!!
At this age of our life everyday is a holiday! I wish you the Best of Everything Everyday! You will always be young because of your spirit and wonderful attitude! Age is only a number and you don't act your age.
I am so lucky to call you my FRIEND!
Love ya, Nanci
Millie, Happy Birthday. If you go to my blog I have something for you. I hope this link works.

If not just copy and paste the following:
Happy Birthday, Millie! Some birthday music playing over at my place:
Happy birthday, Millie! Hope you had a wonderful day!
happy birthday, Millie! I left a little something at my blog. Lots of love!

There is a little gift for you at my blog today.
Happy Birthday Millie!

The Jersey Boys.....? Oh I am so envious of you for sure. I want to see their show so bad!

Hope you have a great day and enjoy your evening out!
Congratulations,Millie, from Brenda in Montreal.

Have a rocking great birthday.
Happy Birthday Millie.

Greeting have also been posted here
Happy Birthday, Millie. As usual, I had to share on Lip-sticking: . You are a world celebrity - so much nicer and smarter than...those others. We love you and your blog.
Hope you have a great daym Millie!

With some help from some friends, I put my wishes here.

Love and Hugs!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Millie- I love the middle pic in that first set. That impish look. That is so you!

Have fun tonight.
Hapoy Birthday to you! May you be celebrating in the warm embrace of family and friends. All the best to you.
I'm just adding my happy wishes to everyone else's. Have a great time tonight, Millie. Happy '84.
Happy Birthday, Mille!
Wishing you a fantastic birthday, good health, and every happiness.
Sorry I'm late, but Happy (belated) Birthday to you.
I hope you enjoyed your day - and the play!
Happy, happy birthday, Millie! Thanks for letting us all be a part of your thoroughly modern, thoroughly meaningful life. Happy birthday!
Happy, happy birthday, to a very terrific lady!

Here's my birthday wish online
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MILLIE!! You're mentioned in my post today!
Happy 84th Birthday Millie. You are a blogger legend, you entertain many and you are admired by many.
All the best Millie. Thank you for your spirit and your stories. Many happy returns!
Happy Birthday Millie. Enjoy your day. I wish you many more. From
Happy B-day Millie. Enjoy the play!!!
Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday dear Millie....have a beautiful day....and may all your days be special. ~Joy, from Joy of Six
lost you for a while, but I'm glad to be back in your neighbourhood to wish you a happy birthday
And a very, very happy birthday to you.... many, many more healthy and happy ones too!!!!
Happy Birthday, Millie! :-)
I met you at BlogHer 2006, and my friend Stephanie Roberts interviewed you! You were (and are) sensible, warm, upbeat, beautiful, fun, funny, interesting, "hay-mi-sche" [Yiddish, homespun, earthy], and wise ... just like your blog posts. Sending you hugs from Atlanta on your birthday!
Many Happy Returns and I'm sure you are still as lovely as your photographs. Judy (Kenju) sent me and I'm happy to make your aquaintance.
Happy birthday, Millie. I shall toast you tonight. Well, I would if you'd fit in my toaster, so maybe I'll just raise a glass (with some wine in it) instead.
Peter Tibbles
Happy Birthday Millie! I came over from Kay's blog, just wanted to wish you happiness and peace on this your special day!

Have a super rest of the week!

Happy Birthday - I love your blog and I am very happy that Kenju sent me!
Happy birthday Millie. I have to wait for the Verizon man tomorrow. I saw on your sidebar you did recently as well. Wish me luck.
Happy Birthday Millie, you are still setting the pace for us younger-ins.
Happy Birthday and many more. You are an inspiration.
A Very Happy Birthday Millie..! Judy sent me over and I LOVED reading all about your Mom and her cooking for the Holidays. Both my mother and my Grandmother made everything fromn scratch, too...And it was DELICIOUS, wasn't it?
My granmothers recipes were similar to your Mom....Only she would say..."Oh, a fistful of flour..."!

I bet you saw a lot of GREAT GREAT Pre-Broafway tryouts...I saw them when they got to Broadway--IF they got!
"JERSEY BOYS" is fun, isn't it?

Mazltov tsu dayn geboyrn-tog!
Wishing yo (rather belatedly!!) a very, very happy birthday Millie! I hope you had a wonderful day surrounded by friends, family - and fellow-bloggers :)
Happiest of birthdays to you!
Many many happy return of the day !!!!!!!!!!
Okay, Millie. I want to know how women -- I think it was during the Forties -- achieved those rolls in their hair. You know what I mean, that swept up look with the hair rolled into, um, er, sausage-looking things.

I was a little kid in the Forties, and too polite to ask the grown-up ladies such a person question. But here we are in the 21st century, and I'm feeling like maybe I can finally ask you.

So glad to find another senior lady blogging. Mine is at
Wish me luck!
super belated happy birthday..
wishes you more birthdays to come and a longer life..
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