Thursday, October 15, 2009
NECN Report: Elder bloggers dispel myths about who's online

Ally Donnelly from NECN produced ths great report: Elder bloggers dispel myths about who's online
(NECN: Ally Donnelly) - BRB, LOL, TTYL. Many of us consider this the language of the young.

But more and more senior citizens are becoming just as tech savvy as the so-called kids these days.

In tonight's cover story, Ally Donnelly introduces us to elder blogger and Facebooking grandma who are dispelling myths about who's online, in an online community.

Millie Garfield's microwave is on the fritz --- and while many sons might grab their tool belt, Steve Garfield grabs his camera.

84-year-old Garfield is a blogger --- the Swampscott, Massachusetts woman weaving her way onto the world wide web about 6 years ago, after she read about blogging in the newspaper.

Garfield: I had never heard of it. Sounded interesting and I said, gee, sounds good.

Garfield didn't even have a computer, but with the help of her son she started her own blog.

It's called "My Mom's Blog - by thoroughly modern Millie." It started with just a few tentative posts.
Continue reading the full text of the report.

Here's the video we made about Larry David not being able to open packages, A Special Message to Larry David from Millie Garfield:

I loved the report on TV. Great quotes, Millie, and a great retort, Steve, to the reporter about not perpetuating the myth that older people are not online. Bravo!
Hello Millie - this is a great story. Congrats. I'm working with Steve on his book and look forward to it coming out. Keep up the great work.
Congratulations Millie!
Congratulations, Millie. You make we Octogenarians look good.
OMG! you do know that curb your enthusiasm is a comedy show and not a documentary right? im sure that the real larry david can actully open packages. they used his inability to open packages as a joke thru the whole episode ON HIS TV SHOW! HIS NOT REAL COMEDY SHOW! people like you should not post on the internet, all you do is show how out of touch old people really are.
@anonymous I hesitate to respond to a commenter who doesn't leave their real name, but I'd like to address your comment about who should be able to post to the internet. EVERYONE! It's a free country.

For your information, Larry David was interviewed by Terry Gross, and actually had trouble opening that specific package. It's an IMPROV comedy show.And they base their comedy on REAL LIFE.

Thanks for visiting.
I enjoyed seeing you speak on video Millie! Keep blogging, making tapes, traveling...whatever you want to do. I hope I'm still enjoying computers and the latest gadgets when I'm your age and having fun with my life as you seem to be doing.
Good job on the support Steve. I was glad to see your comment. As for Millie I hope I'm around in 10 years like you to show what great things can do to improve the attitude of the people who think old is not worth listening to.
Saw the report here too. Great stuff.
Whoever 'Anonymous' is should not even be trying to write a comment. No knowledge of punctuation, capitals or correct spelling is very revealing as to the person's intelligence and education level.

I'm with you Millie. Keep up the good work. I am 75 and I would have to buy a new computer quickly if mine died on me. I have 6 kids, 8 grandkids, and 4 great grands.I also have friends in Singapore, Tasmania, Australia, Germany and England. I love the way my computer has opened up the world to me from my home in the country in West Texas.
Hi Millie, I had yet another I can't open it moment on Sunday with some liquid soap with a pump action top. After kicking it round the kitchen a bit, I finally worked out, gently depressing the pump and twisting allowed the stuff to flow.

Congratulations!! Nice to hear that you were successful and were able to open that container!

I think the secret in this case was "gently." lol
Good report, Millie.

Yeah, thanks Steve, we're online and we're gonna stay here! Furthermore, we're busy exploring other new technology.

I love Larry David's humor. Have you seen the film 'Whatever Works' yet? I just got it on Netflix and was laughing all the way through! I would loveto hear your opinion!
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