Sunday, January 17, 2010
One of the pleasures that I enjoy is reading the daily newspaper, even if I have an early morning appointment I make sure I still have time to read the paper. I know, I know I can always get my news via the internet but I guess I'm old fashioned - I find it more relaxing to sit back and hold the newspaper in my hands. Sometimes my fingers get black from the newspaper print but who cares!

Spices of Life - Boston Globe

Back home I read the Boston Globe. There have been times when I have not been happy with the paper but all in all I still look forward to getting my morning fix.

While I'm here in Florida I get the Sun Sentinel delivered to my door every morning.

It still surprises me when I take the paper in and find there is very little to read, especially on a Monday and Tuesday.

By the time I get rid of the automobile and real estate section there is very little left. Things pick up later in the week when the food section, wine ads, restaurant ads and entertainment section are featured.

Boston Sunday Globe

Sunday's paper weighs a ton because there are loads of ads and lots of coupons. That day I wind up with lots of trash to get rid of! I do cut out the coupons and have good intentions of using them but in the end I don't take advantage of most of them, especially the ones where you have to buy two to get .50 off. ;-(

What kind of deal is that?

Another section contains ads for "all kinds of doctors, hearing aid specialists, Auto repair shops, lawyers, home improvement shops, beauty salons and on and on!!

I've never seen ads in the Boston papers for doctors, I don't know whether they choose not to advertise or there is some restriction that prevents them from advertising.

What do you know about that?

Even though we have had a cold spell down here, some mornings in the 30's, it's a lot better than what is happening up north. That said, I don't miss being up north now but I do miss the Boston Globe.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

I also share the same thing millie!My mornings are not complete without newspaper(s).
We stopped our daily delivery and now we only get the Sunday papers. There was so little real news in them! I used to enjoy papers very much, but now they are so thin as to not be worth the cost.

You could get the Boston paper by mail while you are in FL; it would just be a few days late.
I used to be like that but now I read my newspapers online.
I used to do coffee and paper. Now it's coffee and online. Cost of our paper goes up & up while content & service are sliding into the pit! (Not to mention it's a one party paper and I like to check out all sides)
Look forward to your blog each week. Keep on typin!
Unfortunately my newspaper has gone to three days a week. I miss the news part of it and devour what paper I have every week. I know I can read it online but it is not the same.
Hi Millie, I am with you sister! There is nothing better than reading the paper in the early morning in a quiet house, sipping coffee and glancing at the bird feeders as you turn the pages. Long live PULP.
I canceled my morning newspaper because I intended to take a trip. The trip fell through and I discovered I didn't miss the paper so never nenewed it.

I just accepted an offer to get the paper on weekends. The Sunday paper is one I miss so I accepted the offer. It may lure me back to the morning paper, but then I wouldn't have time for blogging.
I really enjoyed reading your post. I too enjoy reading the paper the old way. The first thing that I always seem to go to is the obituaries. If my names not there it's a good day!! :)
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Here we get the Union Tribune. The Trib used to be a lively afternoon paper. The Onion was a stogy morning sheet. Slowly, as ad revenues fell off and the family died, the paper shrank. A non-newspaper person just bought it. Now days it is just a shadow of itself even on Sunday's.

I miss all my juicy "Miss Masters." They let much of the staff go, and now there is little on books, and they fired the art reviewers. I miss a lot now but still read it every morning.
I've always been impressed by the weight of American newspapers! Particularly the Sunday ones. Nothing like this here.
I must admit that I hardly read newspapers these days as I tend to find that they all write about the same stuff. At least here. And in a way that is not really interesting.
Yeah I agree! I can't stand reading the news on the Internet. I love reading my daily newspaper the Times & Transcript in our area.

Yes we may get our fingers black but I love it too. Even when I am reading or looking for information on a few things I will print it up and read it. It's much better!

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